Friday, November 6, 2009

Karim el Gamel - Who Needs Help With a VISA to Come to US

Karim el Gamel email address:

This is a new one for us. The guy says 'works in the field of tourism in Egypt but has to also work part time as a sales man in the field of clothes' He quickly started to talk about money he needs for a VISA to come to the US because the embassy requires him to have 5,000 no 6,000 no 10,000 in his bank account. Here is the email where he gives us the embassy requirements:

hello are you?..about what is your embassy need its..
1/all certificates of education and certificate indicate that im clear from all diseases
2/certificate of verification shows that im a good citizen in my country and with good behaviour
3/give him what is refers to my monthly salary
4/testimony from my work that i work with them
5/bank account with 10.000 $ ten thousand at least
this is the most popular things your embassy asked for and many papers in all fields
here in egypt there is a lot of office agents help to finish all this in a short time..
hope we can handle any thing with us to be done soon...
love and kisses

After going back and forth with the amount he decides he needs $6,000 from us. AND of course he wants us to send it WESTERN UNION just like every other Nigerian scammer out there.

hello baby tell now yes i want you to send me that account of money if i cant handle it and i need that account to make bank account from any bank refers that i have enough money in my account that is very important......i can send you any photo as u like and you can see me on cam as u wish any time u need......tell me what faviour you want baby im urs and faith with you plus if i can handle the money i will told you but realy i cant in this time....if you send to me i think the better way by western union its faster and easy coz my old brother always send like that...
my cell phone 20102021220
what can i do just tell me?
ps/ if you can come to egypt it will be easier so you can imagine and we can handle here every thing and you will be with me so you have two choice
1/help me to come
2/come here to egypt and being with me arrange for every thing
think and reply me

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  1. Hi Everyone

    I am British and have been married to an Egyptian for some years now.

    Yes they do have to have a bank account showing a decent amount of money before they can get a visa. HOWEVER beware of Egyptians you meet online. A few can make good and sincere husbands but most just want to marry anyone to get the chance to travel outside Egypt and make money to build their life.

    They are not in the same field as Nigerian scammers and I have not heard of them scamming women online purely for money (although they will accept gifts of mobile phones, playstations, laptops etc.

    Many young men in Egypt have no opportunities to work or make money (other than day to day expenses) so I do understand why they are doing this but it is still not acceptable. They are brilliant at laying on the charm but most will marry you until they get a permanent work or residency visa, then divorce you and marry a "real" wife (some already have wives in Egypt of course).



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