Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nelson Charles, Scams Someone and she Shares it With Us.

We received this email today from one of our readers who was actually ripped off by one of these Nigerian dickheads. Please be aware these people are out there and running rampant on the internet.

Thank you for all your information on your website. I feel sorry that I found your website too late after my money grabbed away by scamers.

I met this guy called himself Nelson Charles on a dating sit. He told me he is doing Timber product business. After we sent emails to each other about two weeks, he said he had to go to Nigeria do some business. After he "arrived" in that country and constantly sent my loving mails and IMs, my emotion really slowly drown into that relationship. Until a big portion of money were grabbed away from me, and I never recieved any mails or IMs from him again.

The following attached information is about the person. I know it is not the man on these pictures did all these. There are one person or a few men behind these pictures. I just hope you can help other women and not be deceived by this good-looking man's pictures. and make the same mistake as I did.

His email address:

His Nigeria Phone number: 234 8055131845

The money was sent to under his worker's name: Salisu Olamilekun

Can your agency find out who the man on those pictures is, and let him be aware about this issuses. And if he doesn't mind, I really like to know him and meet him.

Thank you for all your time and help.


  1. This guy (based on picture) is currently on Facebook with the name "Stanley Baldwin". He claims to live in Lakeland, Florida. He says he is widowed with a 10 year old son. He has been sending letters to a member of our family - fortunately, we were able to get the victim to do some checking on the net and found examples of scam letters that were "word for word" with what was rec'd. Please be warned people - use all resources available to check things out. This is a great site! Am posting as anonymous to protect our family.

  2. yes this man is still using the same pictures he got my email add.. and my cell phone. thanks god i gogle his name. i found out it was here.

  3. I received a message from this man on a dating site - His name on that site is StanleySexyBlue and his e-mail address is After communicating with him over three e-mails. I decided that I should check him out. I did find him on facebook advertising himself as single and looking. I then decided to google this person and found your site. I'm glad I did. Others should be aware of what seems too good is likely not. Be careful when giving your full name, your address, your phone number, etc. to anyone that you do not know from meeting on the internet unless you have had this person checked out. We tell our children not to do this and then we as adults seem to forget what we've told our children. We need to be as diligent as we are telling our children. For our sake and our children's sake.

    Never, never give any financial or personal information to anyone you do not know. These are bank account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, pass port numbers, etc. These are items that are directly identified to you. Employees at these agencies are not always on guard and some may be having a bad day and thus giving a person who gives them a sad story the information they need.

    It's best in a new relationship to give as little personal information as possible. If they want to meet with you, meet somewhere away from your home. The furthest is probably the best, because these are areas that you don't frequent.

    To anyone who is still using the internet to date, use a separate e-mail address for internet dating. Do not use your personal e-mail address.

    Google is the best way to find information on just about anything. Thank you google and thank you to the bloggers of Dangers of Internet Dating.

  4. I made a mistake with the name being used by on the dating site. The name being used is StanleyBlue012. The name used in his e-mails to me is Stanley Baldwin.

    He is also using two pictures on the dating site. The one seen above and the one that is used on facebook.

  5. This man is still active and now uses the name Kevin Powers. 56 years old, living in Key West, lost his wife in a car accident, no kids, for managing director of GM Motors, owning now is own automobile company.

  6. I believe he is still active. Says he's a widow, 17 year old daughter in Holland school. Says in Timber business in Tennessee. Mate1 site. Not the picture above. Everything seemed off so I googled and here I am.



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