Saturday, November 14, 2009

Smart Jones -- or at Least he Thinks he is!

We must say Smart Jones really thought he was SMART because he is another one that forwarded fake KLM eticket credentials... but fortunately he is really just as dumb as the rest of them!

Hello, How are you doing? I’m thrilled by your profile and I most say i really liked it.....they say it takes a minute to find a special person and hour to appreciate them a day to love them.... Anyway, am here looking for my soul mate, cos this is my first time doing this and I believe that I will find that special one, cos i do believe she is out there waiting for me......
I'm not in for any games cos i have a fragile heart ...I can't take any hurt cos all I need is to be loved by that one and only ......I am looking for a sincere and loving woman who is straight forward and looking for a serious relationship
My name is smart and i would love to know you better....Am an argon welder.. i have a lovely daughter her name is jane she is old and means the world to me ..i really love my job and cos i get to meet people..
cant wait to meet you

smartjones142 at and his Nigerian phone number+447035998236

And of course he is another with problems with the bank cashing his check!

Hunni i have a little problem i was at the bank where am suppose to pick my payment with cheque that was given to me, but when i got to the bank i was told i have to provide an account for the money to be paid in, well i gave the bank my account details in the states, but after some time they told me the transfer can not be made to my account and that my account is dormant, and now i am confuse and dont know what to do because they gave me 24hours to provide a active account that the payment will be transfer too, i am really confuse and dont know what to do right now.
Love Smart

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  1. Dr davis michael kenny, medical doctor from manchester uk,we met on and we continued chatting on yahoo. i saw him a few times on cam and i have a pic of him, but when we spoke on the phone he had a terrible accent, he was european but professed to be muslim and new some arabic quotes fromt the quran, wow this guy loved me more than life itself. the next min he is on his way to visit me, he takes a 3xlonger route to get where i am and calls me from malaysia to say he was detained because he had too much cash on him - oh yes and he sent me the famous KLM air ticket. He wanted me to send him 2000 dolls via western union to bail him out and got angry when i said i dont have. Then i came here to read about the scammers and found the KLM ticket, the time he said he would arrive here just did not balance. So after reading, i decided to call him and ask for his details and for him to send it to me on yahoo. which he did and here is the details:

    Dr davis michael kenny
    tel 00447031865447

    from "Malaysia" he called me from this no

    he wanted me to send the money via western union to
    Ariani Hidayah, KLIA immigration dept KL 50550 malaysia
    secret q: give to my hubby

    for a med doctor, he could not spell, took long to reply to me on yahoo, was sex mad, wanted to make me pregnant imm,
    i would never send money, but hell its easy so be conned. JK



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