Sunday, December 13, 2009

Martin Collins Internet Dating Scammer from Nigeria

This is Martin(s) Collin(s) - sometimes he calls himself Martin sometimes Martins. His email address is: His use to the 'word' MUGU at the end of his email address is a word the Nigerians call the people they scammed, which means "big fool".

This one actually took a lot longer to ask for money - we conversed for 6 weeks before he asked... Here is his money letter below:


I also missed you so much and i love you so much....But am sure you know that before i come back to the state i have to settle the issue of the refinary as you know that is important because i have spent the whole of the cash i have here with me on the Refinary.

I am about to finish with the official assignment atleast i will finish that in 7 to 8days,but am not yet sure of when i will be through with the refinary issue as i am being delayed by the balance of the payment to pay to the banking Firm because i have to make sure i finish the payment before i come back to the state so that the whole issue can be resolved.

Honey am really not Happy here because am Very broked .... If you can remember i told you about the Loan request i sent to my Boss,it was turned down ,he said the whole of the money that i am entitled to in West africa as my travelling Trip has been giving to me and also been given some extras too,so he have turned down my Offer,so i am broked here as i have to pay some Bills Like my Hotel Bills and others like that.Honey Please can you help me with 700Usd ,i think i can meet up with my needs with this Token.I am having some little hard time here as i have make use of the whole of the money i brought here on the payment of the refinary.

Honey i will settle you on that when i got back....Sweetheart i know you can do that for me.And hope you dont stop praying for me??

I wait to hear back from you soon.

I love you.




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