Thursday, November 5, 2009

Craig Henry, Nigerian Scammer - and Another One Bites the Dust

Craig Henry is the clever fellow that sent us his flight details in eticket format which we posted yesterday...Here is this Craig's first email to us as well as the photo he is using.

Hello Sweetie,
I'm Craig, i was surfing through profiles ,you have such a nice and beautiful profile and your picture is so adorable and captivates my heart,kindly, you have a heart of Gold which i am looking for in a woman princess. Checkout my profile alert me if you like what you see .. Kindly send me an Email to my direct Email address which is ( craig_henry2020 @ y a h o o . c o m ) because i am not always on this site and i am new on this site and also today is my last day on, chat on yahoo instant messenger Okay. Here is is my screen name on yahoo messenger ( craig_henry2020 ),I'm online now on yahoo messenger. Will hopefully be looking forward hearing back from you Okay, Thanks

He has several email addresses: (chonest? yeah ok)
( craig_henry2020 @ y a h o o . c o m )

How ANYONE can even READ this I don't know - it just hurts my eyes. LOL

Hi My Love, How Are You Doing ,And Thank For The Email , I Am Very Proud Of You My Love And I Am Very Glad I Have You In My Life,Well,Baby ,Yes I Did What You Ask Me To Do , I Go Speak With There Manager , What He Told Me I Think He's Right Due To My Self ,The Money Is Hurg Of Amout And The Reason I Have To Pay Money To Clearifle The Check Is That The Check Was Wrote In U.S.A Currence And The Check Was Issue From The U.S.A Bank,But Honey , I Was Told I Am Gonna Cash It In 3-4 Days When I get Home And Deposit Into My Account ,I Think When I Get The On Saturday You Bank Dnt Open On Sunday, I Think We Will Have To Wait Till Monday Then Will Can Go Together And Deposit It And In 3-4 Days The Check Will Be Cleared, i Know I Am Down Right Now due To What Is Happen To Me Right Now I Am Very Glad For Your Concern About Me ,And I Am Really Sorry I Am Not Online During The Day , Well, Baby ,U Know I Cant Wait To Be Home And I Really Need You In My Life And I Dnt Know This Will Happy To Me ,But Baby, I Have Been Thinking Alot Since That All This As Happen To Me , And This Scared Me So Much Bcos this Country Is Bad And I Dnt Want To Be Here So Long My Love My Sugestion Is That, Can You Please Loan Me Some Money So that I Can Pay For The Bills And Money To Compalete the Air Fees You Know I Have Already Book The Flight And I Have Not Balance it Up Yet ,Please Get Back To Me And Let Me Know What I Am Really Upto,My Love , I Want You To Know That I Dnt Mean To Ask You For This Help,But I Dnt Know What To Do That Is Why I Did This, And You Are My Last Hope,My Love I Never Ask You To Give Me This Money , I Just Want You To Loan Me Then When I Get Home I Can Be Able To Cash My Check And Give You Back The Money My Love,Honey , i have Try To Get Some Money Also, And I Am Happy I Get Some Help , All I Need To Pay Is 5,000 .00 Us Dollar But I Have $3200 With Me But All I Need Now To Complete it is $1,800, But I Dnt Know How Much You Can Help Me With, I Love You So Much And I want To Spend Life With You , Baby,If U Really Want To Loan It To Me Please Due Let Me Know, And If You Dnt Have The Money send to me That Does Not Mean I dnt Love You And That Does Not Reduce Your Love In My Heart I Will Always Love You And Nothing Will Change Your Love That I Have In My Heart And No Mater How I Will Never Let You Down For Any Reason My Love , Just Due Me A Favour My Love Please Never Dnt Doubt On Me And Please Dnt Never Let Me Down Baby , I Really Want To Spend Life With You And I Love You So Much ,Hope You Due Remember My Flying Date And Time, Have You Call The Airline And Ask Them Any Question That You Dont Understand From The Information I Sent To You, I Care For You So Much


  1. Ohhh nope , i cant believe this , this person in this picture is a friend of mine and he is not a scammer and is not even nigeria, how there someone using is picture and is name to scamm in nigeria demmit

  2. I wasn't certain how to post a new topic, so I am posting it here!

    I was recently contacted on Black People Meet by screen name simple13z, posing as a army solider in Iraq )Sr Sergeant Artillery Specialist, also Yahoo IM r_smith404, aka Richard Smith, Smith, Richard James Smith, James.

    The way to spot these scammers, usually listed as widowed with kids, high income, usually shows in the states, but when they begin communicating with you, states they are Contractor in Nigeria.

    This was a different spin on a scam, said he was in Iraq, wanted to communicate, and asked me to get him a Satellite Phone, send email to " I have dated someone in the military, so when he said due to high security he couldn't give me his APO address, I knew something wasn't right, then of course the language, he was different grammar and spelling was good, but made slip ups like using "granny" to describe his Mom, or saying "common", I know people from Africa and that is a slang that is quite frequently used. Then he sent me this long love letter professing his love for me after only 2 days of knowing me...I just laughed to myself. I eventually became bored with the game, and cut him off.

    Just someone who wants to out another scammer!

    Black People Meet
    Screen Name simple13z
    African American Gentleman
    2 Children
    Seeking Serious Relationship



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