Monday, December 20, 2010

Rachel James Dr Writes to Our Reader!!!!

WOW - our reader needs to hurry and send the $$$ or Rachel will 'die' and come on folks, is this really how 'doctors' communicate?

Good Morning Sir ,

What is the meaning of this and what is my business in that , They brought her here, So is a crime to assist a human being like me , Am trying to help you and you are trying to hurt me.. This life is so wicked, I can't understand what you saying, Is like you are telling me rubbish now because before i start the treatment you did not said you will act like this and you don't even fulfill your promise, You promise to send the commitment fund but you did not, You want me to regret that i assist you , But i want you to know that we haven't treat her finish , I know that you will react abnormal that is why i treat her just to safe for 5days and if you did not pay the commitment fees before 5days she will die.

Best Regard

Dr Ade
Be Informed.  Know the Facts.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rachel James Hospital Bill and Doctor's Letter

Here is a copy of the letter the doctor for Rachel James sent to our reader as well as a copy of the hospital bill, conveniently in US dollars.

Good day to you sir,I am Dr. Ayo Ade of Jordan Hospital Lagos Nigeria.This letter might come to you as a surprise,but i want you to be calm and relax... Read this letter with utmost urgency and attention and act swift.I will like to bring to your notice that one Miss Rachael James is in our critical rescue ward.

Miss Rachael James was rushed down to our hospital.I learn from her helpers that Miss Rachael James was actually on her way to catch a flight at the Muritala international airport,passerby who rushed her down here gave a vivid report of what happened to her.They told us that she got down from a taxi cab she was trying to cross the road to the other side in order to catch an Airport terminal bus.She was knocked down by a hit and run vehicle and her leg was critically broken.She went into a comma...

She was immediately rushed down to our hospital by sympathizers and good Samaritans and passerby,she was brought along with her traveling bags and other valuables.We did not waste time in given her a first aids treatment just to bring her back to life and stop the blood flowing from her leg.

We needed someone to stand in for her as her next of kin and i decided to search through her bag.I saw a new diary,I actually went through the contents and saw two contacts.She also wrote a lot about one of the contacts which she refereed to as her fiance and husband to be..The other one was one Barrister Andrew Brown.I saw telephones numbers of both contacts and also email addresses.I decided to get in touch with you through email,because i believe you will be the one close to her.

Mr Floyd Hopkins,i will like you to know that your fiance or is it wife is in a very terrible situation..She is in a critical condition and needs urgent medical attention to help her in the next 48hrs.I tried to bring her back to life and also stop the bleeding in her leg,but i will like you to know that they are so many other complication to this issue.I will like you to know that her leg has been badly damaged and if we do not perform an intensive medial surgery on her..She might loose her legs,because she will not be able to take the pain and anguish again and her leg will have to be amputated.

I know deep in your heart, you will not want this kind of ordeal to happen to someone close to you.I want you to act fast and get back to me,so that we can talk.I want you to be rest assured that she is on safe hands and she will be ok if you listen to me Mr Floyd.She is really in pains and all she has been calling and shouting all day is that she wants to talk to Floyd..She keeps saying she wants to talk to him,because she is really weak and i do not advice her to talk.But if you will like to talk to her,We can arrange a lap top for her...But she will not be able to talk much.Kindly reply me as soon as you read this mail.Thanks.

Dr Ade.

Scammer Rachel James HAS A FRIEND That Wants Money Too!!

And if that was not enough, that Rachel scammed a reader out of money, she came back and had her 'friend' email him asking for money...and was then dumb enough to sign her own name to it. Her email address is;

This is the first email JAMIE sent:
Floyd i am more than disappointed in you cos u never listened to me when i was
telling you that the Rachael was a scammer but u wanted to satisfy ur conciense
because u never believed me and now you are trying to blame me for your
lost,Floyd will u help me or not, I swear to God almighty that i will refund
back your money to you i promise let me know how much u can help me with cos i
really need ur help right now i am in a big mess and i promise to visit u as
soon as i get back to the state,pls let me know if u will help me or not.

So what are you saying that i am not real and wasn't i the same person who let
you know that the so called Rachael is a scammer? and besides there is no way i
am allowed to leave here without paying the balance of the shipping cost and if
you want to help me you help and i will pay you back but if you feel i am not
real then forget it cos i can't imagine myself begging you for money and you
have the guts to tell me i am not real,why can't you just give someone the
benefit of doubt before calling someone names i am really disppointed in you to
have such thought in mind over me anyway such is life take care of yourself and

Hi xxxx and how is everything around you? its good to know that you finally found out that jamie is a scammer i told you and you never believed me so i had to let you be anyway about the thieves the police are investigating actually the company i work for do not have insurance for theft overseas simply because is a private company,and i have be stuck her for the past 2weeks its gonna be 3weeks on wednesday and what i am short of now is $1,175 and i will like to know what you can be able to help me with cos i am really down here untill i get back to the state and i promise to pay you back as soon as i get back to the state,and i am really sorry for the late reply its because i dont have a laptop here anymore since it has been stolen by the armrobbers so i only can talk to you if i use the library,i will be waiting to read from you as soon as possible.

Female Nigerian Scammer Rachel James


Rachael 11 Daily Shomulu Lagos. After selling my life away to send to

Nigeria for my bride to come home to me in the US she got a hit and run at the

airport that left her in the hands of Dr.Ayo who found my e-mail address in Rachaels belongings and contacted me as soon as I got to the airport to get
Rachael and said she was in critical condition and needs bill payed to save her life.
6500dollars this is after I lost all and sent 7000.dollars so she could get home.
This is recent,december 1st and the doctor now expects me to send to save Rachaels life monday the 7th.
I can't I don't have it and I want them arrested but don't know how.   
Please help me and I will donate to your cause when I finally pay my bills
I've neglected through
my ignorance in getting taken. They need to be put away.

Dr.Ayo #+2347066047303. Rachael#+2348084785283.

Nigerian Scammer Ronald David Caught on Facebook and Myspace


I would like to add another name to your list. His name is Ronald David and he claims that he is from Marietta, Georgia. He messaged me on, and asked to be my friend. I looked him up and then just ignored the email. The pictu
re that he posts is of a hot model type, and he uses the same picture on under the same name, but on he claims that he is from Clarkson, KY. He was a member of myspace since 2006.

Ronald claims that he is a widow, and has an 8 yr old son named Jerry, and that the grandmother, (Ron's mother) takes care of him. his job is in concstruction and he calls himself a "construction engineer". He left for Nigeria, Africa on November 30, 2010 to perform services for a "friend" contractor, and he was worried that the African civilization would not have banking services to pay him. He was leary of taking a check for payment, but went anyways, knowing that his comrad would see him accommidated. He went 4 days without contacting me, and just this past Friday, late at night, I received an email via yahoo messenger. His screen name is good2beloved5504me on Yahoo, having the same email. He asked if I could "borrow" him $50 for safe food, as I had told him not to drink the water in Africa when we talked and he told me he was going. He then added that things were expensive and that he needed money. I am not a wealthy person and I live pay day to pay day myself, I refused to send money. He quickly signed off. I had the feeling of a scam when he repeatedly told me he was in love and wanted a Mom for his son, and I am sure that all this is true if he even has a son! But I am not taking his bait. I have deleted him and have blocked him from all my lists, and I would like for others to know this name so they will not be submitted to the scam. As of last night, he asked for me to help his friend make a profile on, and I assured him that those women were gold diggers and whores, maybe he will not try to scam others by this comment! maybe if someone sees this they will take notice and be aware.
After visiting your site, I am sure he may be in the 219 ring and is using another form of communication to meet victims.


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