Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Signs of a Scammer

First, they hardly EVER write your name. They just put in "Babe","Hun".. or their all time favorite "My Queen." This is because they are sending the same stuff they copy and pasted to you to 100 other women.
Second, they may not even sign THEIR name. Quite often they will sign the WRONG name.
Third, they have names that sound like two FIRST names. Paul William
Is it William Paul? Or Paul William? They do this a lot so they can SWITCH names down the line. For 6 weeks they may use Paul as their first name, and then switch to William as their first name.
Fourth, recieving money requests from hospitals or doctors. No hospital or Doctor is going to send you an email asking for money. Quick way to verify? Call the US embassy. Let them help you, like they should be helping the idiot asking you for money.
Fifth, underlined words in their emails. If you see dashes under words in an email sent to you, those dashes are there because when you cut and paste, errors get underlined in various ways.
That is one key to spotting a cut and pasted letter.
Sixth, weird backgrounds in certain emails, like pink with lip imprints, etc. The reason for this is when they cut and pasted off a site, the background from the site came too.

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  1. I have been writing to a man named Richard Haslett who states he is from New jersey. He has not asked me for money personally, but has sent money via money gram or western union. With the money I am to send it to a man named Tayo Kolade. his latest was to go to pick up money sent from Turkey and then send it to this Tayo Kolade via money gram to Nigeria. A special person in my life sent me a picture of him to me to look at it and it is the same picture on Tagg and he also looks a lot like this Morrison man a lot of you have been talking about.
    I am disabled and think that he is taking advantage of, beware of this man as just got out of the hospital and transferred to a Nursing home and he wants me to walk out of here and do it NOW! plus he calls me baby and loves me to death etc and don't know him very well.



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