Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Denson Donald...Donald Denson..Another Scammer Getting Caught!

We don't have any 'fake' photos of Denson Donald to post but we are posting his first email and money letter so you all have a heads up. His email address is: denson.donald@yahoo.com

hey i want you to know what i wrote was real and am here to find true love ok...i am denson by name,am 48yrs of age and age is just a number ok,i am civil engineer,i build resindentail homes,bridges,road etc.i am divorced ,i been single for 7yrs,now i think is the right time to settle down,i have a son called donald,he is 8yrs
and he is everything to me,i have a house in my mom country but i sold it to buy a house in nj and am about to sell
it ..if i can see my real and true love,i promise to relocate and buy new house there so we could l live as one family lol,i love travelling and sport,i have won the best football er in my school ...i think live is too short and it is time to settle ..well am god fearing man ..i go to church 3times a week...and i promise if we could be compatible i will never do anything to hurt you or neither make you cry..Life is short, and I do make the most of it, but it would be really nice to find that special woman to share it all with. I'm looking for a long term relationship with a future. I wish I didn't have to go through this process of dating but I guess it is the only way to find the woaman I want to spend my future with. Naturally it begins with chemistry. Mutual respect, loyalty, honest.

So here is the money letter, and a kind of boring one..but it is one nonetheless

hello sweetheart,how are you doing and it is late here,i just can stop thinking about you,you all am looking for in the world now i have got you i will never let you go any where,you are mine forever and i can wait to hold you in my arms,i dream about going to church together lol.honney i really love you and i want you to know that i will make you the happiest woman on earth,i think missing make me feel sad..and one day we are going to hold each other hands together,having funs with our child.our son say that i should greet you that he love you so much and he can wait to hold you and embrass you..honney we having little problem since 4days,and i was thinking of telling you but am scared because you may feel sad and i dont want you to feel sad,honney the problem is we have been starving due to my work i have not been paid am oweing hotel bills,and i dont wanna tell you but you are my hope,honney i will understand if you cannot help ok,i want you to know i really love you and i can wait tohold you in my arms ,honney do you really love me and our son,honney sorry fo sharing my problem with you,i never mean to do that,i know you will understand how i feel telling you,honney i really want you to find a place in your heart for me,honney i was told 2weeks time our project will be finished and our son is happy going back to state,and am very happy and i know you are happy to,honney let me say nextweek saturday we will be togther and am badly lonely to meet you,i wanna be the man to make you feel like woman,honney assurely the money is $450 and you can help me with any amount you like and god will reward you abundately and when i get to state i will pay you back,we hardly eat today,and if you willing to help me reply me back and if you cannot i will understand ok...i love you

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