Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bogus Travel Documents and eTicket Details from Nigerian Scammers

Apparently they think they have a new schtick - with flight itineraries that have been changed from within the email for the eTicket.

Flight summary
Departure flight Lagos - Tampa
Fri 6 Nov 09
22:55 Lagos (Murtala Mohammed Airport, Nigeria)
05:50 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands)
Class: Economy
Flight number: KL0588
Aircraft type: Airbus A330-200
10:50 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands)
13:40 New York (Newark International Airport, New York, USA)
Class: Economy
Flight number: KL6791
Aircraft type: Boeing 767
Operated by: Northwest-Delta
The waiting time until the next flight is 3h30
17:10 New York (John F. Kennedy International, New York, USA)
20:44 Tampa (Tampa Intl., Florida, USA)
Class: Economy
Flight number: KL9332
Aircraft type: McDonnell Douglas MD-88
Operated by: Delta Air Lines
Total travel time 27h49
Ticket Economy flexible

Mr CRAIG HENRY (adult) Please note that your name is spelt 'CRAIG HENRY' on your ticket
Date of birth Wednesday 1 January 1958
Telephone number 1 002348028169450
Telephone number 2 002348028169450
E-mail address Your e-ticket(s) will be sent to this address.
Mrs jennifer henry (adult) Please note that your name is spelt 'JENNIFER HENRY' on your ticket
Date of birth Wednesday 19 June 1996

Price specification


Ticket price 1,301.00

Booking fee -

Fuel surcharge 267.58

Sales tax 65.05

Airport service charge 35.00

US international transportation tax 16.10

Security charge 10.78

Passenger service charge 9.31

US INS user fee 7.00

US customs user fee 5.50

US APHIS fee 5.00

Netherlands noise isolation charge 2.97

USA passenger civil aviation security service fee 2.50

Price (per passenger) 1,727.79

Number of passengers 2

Total price

USD 3,455.58


  1. I was recently scammed by someone who showed me a ticket just like this. I wished now that I had seen this before sending him money. It would have saved my finances and my heart.

  2. my friend nearly fall into a scammer trap. I'll like to post about her story. This guys use Tagged, Loveme, and all kinda of social network. he's in our LAND. I want him out! I got his photo and most of his FAKE ID. I hate all this scammer who use the fragile heart of women to trick them into his crime. F**K them!!! Time to kick them out from our country.

  3. My sister in-law was very reluctant to believe that her scammer is fake after a month long with phone conversaion and E-mail ( Dec 2010-Jan 2011). Finally, the e-mail with the airline flights detail arrive ( similar to above), right away I noticed that the last and first names had reversed. Luckly, I used to work for the airlines and when I used the PNR # to check again the KLM reservation system, there was no flight record indicated. His E-mail address was also different from the KLM system. At the Current time, my in-law had stop all contact with him. This POS scammer Grey Barclay still post it on facebook ( the picture may not be him ).

    Scammer e-mail
    Klm Airlines record

    1. I had friend who was scammed by this same guy. which dating site did your sister in law meet him at. Any information you can provide will be helpful because were trying to pursue further action.



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