Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mariya Scammer from internet dating site

And now here is an alleged Russian woman who contacted me after seeing the profile that I don't have on any internet dating site who also assumes that I am a male. Here is the letter from yet another scammer:

Hello, my friend.
Today when I have received your letter I was very happy. I am very
glad to have such friend as you are. Now I can tell you something
about myself and I expect that you will tell me something interesting, too.
It is glad that I have interested you and as it is glad to our acquaintance.
I will be very glad if you tell about yourself and will send the photos.
I am to find here love and to establish a family.
What you here search, friendship or love and family creation?
Yes I think that it simply remarkably to meet other people.
I wish to know your full name as you know my name.
I live in Russia, in a the big city called Yljanovsk. I was born here and
spent all my life here since my childhood. My city is very
beautiful and it has a long long history. I shall tell you that I was
born on the 30 th of August, in 1981, and now I am 30 years old, I
have blond hair,my eyes are green, my weight is about 54 kg,I am
165 sm tall. I am a girl with lovely smile
and sense of humor. I am not married and I have never been. So I have no
children. But I like these nice little creatures. That's why I work as
a child doctor. I don't have bad habits, I don't smoke, I never
drink, also I haven't ever take drugs as I know that all this is
harm for my health. I take care of myself. And I wish you too. I go in
for sports, in the morning I am jogging, 2 or
3 times a week I go to fitness to keep fit.
I live with my daddy and mum, my mother is already a pensioner and my
father is too, but he works in a security agency, I do not
have brothers or sisters, I am the only child in the family. My mum
and the daddy raised me up in a very strict way and gave me a good
education and taught me much in this life. I was always very
obedient, I liked to study and was never lazy at school, so I was the
best at school. I was interested in History, Maths, Chemistry, Biology and English.
But most of all I
loved English , I've even gone to additional classes to study
English. My teacher always told me that I was an American girl in my
previous life. After school I studied in the Medical University.
Now I work in the hospital and I treat children. I like to
listen to music: classical, rap, pop, and music according to my mood. I
like to read books : detectives and love stories. What are your preferences in
music, literature? do you love to cook? I love cooking. I take in
cooking after my mother. She is a real chief.
What are your values in life? I dream about making a Friendly, Loving
and Strong family . I think that maybe our purposes are similar.
Perhaps you have some more questions to me. Now it's your time to tell
me about yourself. I am waiting so much.
Your Russian friend Mariya.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Verro Williams, Veronica Williams, internet dating site nigerian scammer

Here is another email I got from someone who claimed in their first email that they found my profile (that I don't have) online at an internet dating site. of course they don't say which one, and I am on no internet dating website at all. Here is the scammers introductory email.

Hello My dearest one,
how are you doing?I guess nice,Mine weather is a little bit hot over here in Dakar Senegal. My name is miss Veronica .B. William, I'm 25years old girl, from Rep.of Congo in central Africa.
I am 5' 7" tall, Fair in complexion, Single (never married) I am presently residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the civil war that was going on in my country for that reason i am facing so many difficulties in life at my age,
so dear i have to let you know about this so that you will assist me,I would like to know more about you,Your likes and your dislikes,your hobbies and what you are doing presently.

The only person l have now is Rev.Father Godson Mark who is the Reverend father here in the camp he has been very nice to me since i came here. This is the Pastor's Tel number is +221 772 704 308 if you call, tell him that you want to speak with Miss Veronica .B. William,he will send for me in the camp and l will come and speak with you.

In nutshell, My late father Dr.Bona. William was the managing director of Gold and Diamond industry (Limited).But he was killed along side with my mother and my only brother during the long civil war and all our properties was totally destroyed. However, after their death I managed to escape with a very important document (deposit certificate of($4.9 Million US Dollars)in the bank which i am the next of kin to my late father.

Mean while,l am saddled with the problem of securing a trust worthy foreign personality to help me transfer the money over to his country Account and into his possession pending my arrival to meet with him.
Further more,you can contact the bank for confirmation and i will issue a letter of authorization on your name,that will enable the bank to deal with you on my behalf.
After the transfer of the money into your bank account you will send some money for my traveling to come over and meet with you in your country and continue my education.

I am giving you this offers as mentioned with every confidence on your acceptance to assist me or take me as your wife and manage the money.
conclusively i will like you to furnish me with your contact information's,

such as

Names ........................................
Age .......................................
Address ........................................
Telephone .........................................
Fax ...........................................

Conclusively,i wish you send me a reply immediately as soon as you receive this proposal,please reply me for i am grumbling into tears because of present conditions,
Your immediate respond shall be highly appreciated.

Yours for ever
Miss Veronica.
email address:,

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Internet Dating Site Scammers Robert Thompson,Robert Montano

Letter from Reader warning others about Robert Thompson and Robert Montano:

I just recently signed up on Christian Mingle and naively thought everyone on there is a Christian. Not so!! I did have some pleasant conversation with one man, but he decided he was looking for someone retired and I think he was honest and up front. I first received a smile from someone(Robert Thompson) in Florida (I live in Calif.), who was widowed, engineer, had 1 son, could move wherever if he found right woman, wrote a lot of philosophical flowery things. He evaded a lot of my questions so I decided to quit writing to him. Shortly after that, I get mail from another man,Robert Montano, same scenario, but he lived in LA. I finally confronted him and asked him if he was the same person who mailed me previously and he totally ignored the question. Red Flag! So I told him I wasn’t interested and wished him well. @ days go by and I get a new mail from another person, different name, lives in NY, widowed, engineer, 1 son, same style of writing, same profile. What a loser! Thank God I didn’t get in any deeper. People – look for the seeds of doubt, those little red flags that pop up! Steer clear!


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