Friday, November 6, 2009

Jeff Morgan...Nigerian Scammer Who Lost His Wallet and is so Confused!

His email address is:

Here is his first letter where he tells us what a Loving man and devoted christian he is... and just read how he is from the states but talks like a NIGERIAN!!!!!

am a Man of 45 Years old.........I Live in ca=A0 .I am 5"9tall slim and whi=
te in complexion.I am a Building contractor by Profession,a Good devoted ch=
ristian man and also a Caring and Loving Man,I would like someone that will=
love and respect me for who I am, that likes to hold my hand and surprize =
me with a little kiss when I least expect it,or give me a wink from across =
the room to let me know she's thinking about me or give me a call just to l=
et me know she's thinking about me... Because I will be doing the same Wow.=
..I have been out of the state 3week ago........I am right now in west afric=
a,I have been divorced for 5years now with one son and her lives with me fu=
ll time at home=A0 and it's time I stop secluding myself. I took
a lot of time after my divorce to look at who I was, what I could change an=
d hopefully have become a better person, not that I was bad to begin with, =
just wanted to make some changes! :)Honest, Caring, Loving, Funny, man that=
does not play games with my heart or head. Looking for a woman I can share=
my dreams, secrets, trust and love with completely.


Well yesterday when i was coming back from work i lost my wallet. and i'm so confused cos i dont know it could have dropped and in it i have all my money cos i cant keep money in my hotel since I got robbed last week and i am not ready to loose any more $$$ but now i lost a whole wallet. And right now I've just been called by my hotel manager to come and pay up the bills or i will be thrown out of the hotel i'm really confused about my present predicament and i would want you to kindly help me with some funds so i could be able to sustain myself till when i get paid i will pay you back as soon as i get home looking forward to hear back soon take care

honey i will be very happy if you can help me with little money you have with you i will be very glad thank you and i will be waiting for your respond


Background Report

Background Report


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  2. I was scammed by guy a named jeff morgan from california and in africa doing construction and lost his wallet and needs money to feed his daughter who is really hungry and crying, I told him I lost my job and could not help out, he said even 100 would be great I have no one, I told him if he had a good job he could come up with some money from his work or friends from california, since then I have not heard from him, be careful, he is on web site..

  3. The Jeff Morgan I was speaking with was 6 feet tall brown eyes, brown hair. He said he was originally from England, and was in Africa constructing orphanage homes. He asks alot of personal questions, but when I asked him if the picture on the dating site was his he hesitated and then ask me why I was asking that. Be very careful he is very manipulative and lies alot. I found out about him because I had new something wasn't right by the way his was writing, and by the questions he was asking so I googled him and found this page. Thank you very much whoever posted this page, it will prevent him from scamming alot of innocent people. Regards,

  4. The Jeff Morgan I was speaking says he is from New Jersey, USA. He says he is a Sergeant Major in the US Army serving in Iraq. He put on site a picture of himself, which turned out to be of the real Sergeant Major Kenneth O Preston. He did not count on me zooming in to read the name badge. I to felt that there was something not right. He hesitates a lot and the way he wrote seemed strange. He always had clever answers to questions that I asked about him, as though he was covering something up. He said he has to get out of USA and wants to set up house with me wherever. He also wants to send a very exspensive package to me which he has in a security company in England. He wanted my address and kept pushing for it. Rings BIG alarm bells. Do not give him your address. He is very manipulative and lies heaps. Also comes across as a charmer by quoting poetry. Take care he is bad news.

  5. jay - jeff morgan is a fake. he is african and not american with english mother... he will send u fake travel documents to show that he is a thriving business man and has a son jay or jim an widowed. He says he is an engineer and work for an oil firm in africa. be careful of this guy !!!!!

    His current mail is

  6. Had a facebook message from someone called Jeff Morgan yesterday too. I didn't answer it as I knew it looked bogus. Just wondered how and or why he sent it to me- I'm not on any dating sites!!

  7. I meet Jeff Morgan 49 years/old in badoo site from Manchester, England. Engeneer, widow with a girl 5 years old . He write lovly letters and post great pictures.He changes location... Portugal,Kuwait, England. I wonder if someone has more information about the same guy. Please post something if you know. Thanks

  8. Jeff Morgan just pooped up on my yahoo guess what it was the same man that goes by he Name of David Scott as well that email address is how I found out is this Jeff Morgan used the same picture as david scott be carful they will tell u they are business men but they are not as well be ware of scott donald they are in this together

  9. I know him under the name Jeffrey Morgan. Be careful!

  10. hey girls,I am chatting with a jeffrey morgan at the moment,i wondered how he got my name,he said he saw my profile on zoosksaid i was who he was looking for,i told him that was ages ago and id totally fgotten that i signed up on zoosk,i asked him what did my profile say,he didnt have an exact answer just said that my words touched him,i asked him to find what id written but he had some excuse,ok,i was still thinking i cant believe my luck,but as time went on i noticed in his writing that it would change in the sense that first his writing sounded normal then it would take a tone as tho someone else had taken over his writing and it sounded like broken english,i started thinking by this stage hmmm somethings ODD,he never asked me any questions about my fMILY or what i did,it was just all about his feelings and spoke of the lord,he wanted my mobile altho i refused,he said he was tieing ends up over in america so he could get over here within 2 weeks,i told him he was getting ahead of himself.He has a son who is 8 his wife was in a car accident 2 years ago and she died,he was in united kingdom where he is project manager at an oil company.I was suss by this time asked a friend for advice and thank god i did,he aint real,IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE WELL IT PROBABLY IS,be carefull dont fall for it,although it all sounds so sincere.

  11. i'm speaking to a jeff morgan from amsterdam but working in ghana building a school says he has a son ryan 17 away at school sen english and says he is a private building constructor speaks broken english and says lovely potery in perfect english do u think he is the one

  12. Found this site from searching the internet for Jeff Morgan. After reading the previous posts I am confident the same situation is transpiring. I haven't revealed anything to him. Instead I asked very specific questions to trick him and see if he contradicts something that was said previously. Thank you for posting this information. He is really good at laying on the charm and it is definately to good to be true with what he has claimed to be about himeslf. He hasn't asked anything about me and when I asked where he saw my pic on fb he never responded except it was by accident. I have only posted a pic of me with my boys 3 times since 2009 and he wouldn't tell me where or which one he saw. Definately red flags surround him if you look at his communication objectively and with your eyes fully open to the potential danger!!!

  13. Another Jeffrey Morgan horror story... My experience was with A "Jeff/Jeffrey Morgan" from ZOOSK... His email address is Cell #213-478-1410. He will even call from a 277 #, which is a scammer#. Says he lives in Albert, Oklahoma, and works for Kiewit Inc. as a construction engineer. Travels extensively with job, mentions freelancer. Bald, brown eyes, nice smile. Ladies, he is VERY charming, speaks beautiful words, and will fall in love in 2 days. Promises of romance, trips, wants to relocate... as soon as he gets back home.(He is in S. Africa working as a construction engineer) There is one emergency after another, payment to him for a job is delayed, and doesn't have enough $$ to complete payment for ticket. Request for $$... Another emergency, unexpected freight charges for contracting equipment, request for $$. Another emergency, while at the airport, ready to board for flight home, is asked for passport, shows passport and inspector spies a building notice, asks why Jeffrey was in S. Africa. Responds to wk, and inspector asks if he has paid taxes on pmt. for wk. Passport confiscated and threat of arrest UNLESS he can pay taxes. Another call requesting $$. Promise pmt when he returns home, even with interest. References to God in his communication, "God would want you to help, in the name of God, please send the funds... He will speak of sending the money to his "agent".Ladies, he is SOOO smooth, really lays it on thick, speaks of never believing he'd love again, you've shown him how to love, can't wait to start you life together... Everything a woman dreams of hearing, thinking you are special. He plays mind games, manipulates and makes you feel terrible for even having the nerve to question him. When you refuse to send him money, "life is over, gonna hang myself, so sad". Also, watch for use of COS, BCOS. I've seen that use on other blogs, but he used it on me. As stated in a previous entry, part of his writing is in perfect English, beautifully written, and suddenly, it becomes broken, almost unintelligible. LADIES BEWARE!!!

  14. He got me, too, to the tune of more than $1600. Same lovely words, same promises of a new life together. I had researched scams, and had realized many of the verbage was the same in his communications with me. Use of cos/bcos. He was always just trying to get home to me, couldn't wait to start our new lives together, but was ALWAYS hit with a dire emergency. Initially, it was $140, (to help with airfare). Next was $550(freight charges), then ANOTHER $550 (those pesky taxes), and finally $350 for hotel fees and cab fare to airport. He was due to fly into a local airport TONIGHT. I wake up to an email from the "EMERGENCY DEPT" of an African hospital. Apparantly, poor Jeffrey Morgan, was involved in an automobile crash,(another unbelievable emergency, poor guy) and was in the ER. Whoever the author of the letter was wanted to know my "relationship" with poor Jeffrey, before they could release any info, and said they had found my #, email address and a printed picture in his "purse" at the scene. I replied, no relationship, and promptly replied to EVERY contact I had for Jeffrey Morgan, (there were 5 total) telling him to never contact me again. It was an expensive lesson, and I will never again send money to anyone. I guess I was a lucky one. He only got me for $1600+. Ladies, let's protect ourselves. We're on dating websites because we are searching for companionship. Let's make sure the men are worthy of US. If they ask for money, they are not worthy. If they play mind games, they are not worthy. If they threaten blackmail, they are not worthy.

  15. I encounter the same Jeffery Morgan from 18 Holbeach Road, Manchester England,53 years of aged a widow ( wife died in cancer 2 years ago) with a daughter of 5 years old named Lilian, he said he is a corrosion engineer, a freelancer and went to Ivory Coast to construct an oil pipeline, telling me that he was mugged lost everything and nearly died, asking for money because he had nothing to pay his workers to finished the job, then asking again another amount to buy his food, he became sick and hospitalised and needed money to be released from hospital. another time he phone and cried asking for money to pay his accommodation,while waiting for his cheque to be released, he even email you his credentials proving that he finished his project. The last time he called again asking for $2,000.00 that the tax office hold him at custody because he needed to pay his tax while staying in the country...very sly person and very smooth talker and promised you to buy a new house and want to contributes to the work of children. Ladies be very careful to get involves with this man, his email, he is very dangerous man to communicate with and he is going to make you suffer after he got you and your $$$$$$ because he just disappeared without a trace.Warning when men ask you for money...never never give anything because he just want your money and scam you period. So never believes all those sweet promises because not one word is true.Jeffery morgan has a friend Michael from U.K.


  17. BEWARE of a man named Jeffery Johnson his email claims he is in west Africa on a contract job, with window mfg company based out of Canada. He claims he is from Idaho Falls, Id, his pic shows a black man with nicely done corn rows hairstyle. I talked to him once for about 2 min,he sounded totally African. . I deleted him from my email contacts and messaging as well.. he didn't ask for money,but the things I asked him, he should have known as black from America, he never answered the questions I kept asking, so I knew something wasn't right, thank goodness I only corresponded with him a week and half

  18. I wasnt taken by him ...but ladies research any name you come across. I have had two so far.



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