Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Ways to Tell you are Talking to a Scammer

They hardly ever use Capital "I" it always seems to be "i".

They seem to talk in run on sentences that make no sense without any proper punctuation or breaks. Their use of English totally sucks.

Instead of writing 'good to hear from you' they seem to write 'good to READ from you'



  1. I have had contact with several men while Internet dating. Whenever they do call me on the cell phone, I hear voices in the background, which sounds like someone on a short-wavee radio. The answer that I get from them is "it's the television you hear". But there is also static in the voices heard. Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon.

  2. Will post my story regarding dated a man i met online from a dating website & was "aaalllmossstt scammed by him":
    yesss.. on more than one occasion.. i was dating this guy i meet online from this website, & this happened only recently..
    we chatted online, then eventually chatted on our mobile phones..
    the first time i noticed this strange noise from in the back ground i asked what that noise was, he replied it was nothing, he denied no-one was there & im hearing things.. hhmm!!??
    the sound was like a tape recorder being rewind, radio static with people chatting amoungst the blared noise, but the voices blared in & out of the noise..
    I'm still investigating on my recent Almost was "SCAMMED & SCAM-ARTIST"..

    so pls tune in & wait for the out-come.. you may know this guy ..

  3. I am another person who ALMOST bought into a scam. The scammer always used "good to read from you". Otherwise his use of english grammer and spelling was excellent. We exchanged emails and chat for approximately 6 months, then he had some trouble and is asking for money ($30,000). However, the phone connection always had static. He always wanted to use online chat. I stumbled upon this website due to a newspaper article about an online dating scam, and there was a comment referring this webiste. WOW I am so lucky!! It is hard to believe that the scammer would spend all that time before asking for money, but it was to "romance" me....and it ALMOST worked. KNOWLEDGE is POWER!!



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