Saturday, November 14, 2009

Malvin Edward got ROBBED at Knife Point and Needs $$ to Save His Daughter!

This idiot calls himself Malvin Cares - yeah oh - SURE he does.

Hello Pretty How are you and everybody around you? You might be surprise why i have mailed you among all the women that are on here. The answer is I went through your profile and I felt i should drop you a line expressing my feeling to you. I`m on tagged for the purpose of getting a true life partner. Sincerely, I was captivated with you and the words that made up you profile. I will appreciate your reply. You might not be looking for that true life partner just as I`m but only God knows why we meet each other in this life and smile while we met with so other people and walk away. Have a good day ahead and i will be looking forward to read from you. Malvin Cares

Thanks so much for the lovely mail you sent to me i really appreciate it.Well I need to tell you what happened to me recently..Armed robbers attacked me and that took all i have and I and my daughter was stabbed,That was the reason i why i couldn't get online all these while,My injury was not too much compare to my daughter's own and i have spent alot for a quick recovery ,But my dughter is not responding to the treatment and the DR said they will have to carryout an Emmergency opration for her,I have spent close to $1350. And the DR said i will have to deposite $1000 Before they can carry out the operation,and i dont really have that much on me.I will be glad if you can help me with any amount to deposit so that i wont loose my daughter,She's all i have,Please Honey when i get back to the state i will get you back your money..
Love you,,,You can send the money to the Infor followed that is the DR's infor
Name: Kevin Leke
Address: 10 Kayode Street
Country: Nigeria
State: Lagos
City: Ikeja
ZipCode: 23401
Text Question: Whats your name
Text Answer: Anna Malvin

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