Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jerry Dickson Scammer on Facebook Uncovered - Money Request

Here is the transcript where he asked her for money and it was just 5 DAYS after they started instant messaging each other - these guys move fast because they don't care about you but only YOUR MONEY!

Lionheart I need you to run two errands for me honey
DOID Reader hello baby what u need?
Lionheart First you go down to any Western union outlet around you and send my cousin 400 usd...he is in UK at the moment and i need him to go down to my apartment to pick up some documents for me
Lionheart Not to worry it's a Loan will have it back asap
Lionheart Do you bank with Wachovia?
DOID Reader i can't i don't got it right now
Lionheart Then how soon can you have it down to him?
DOID Reader it's gonna be a while right now all my money is going to my daughter she hav a student loan and she needs help with her loan
Lionheart I need him to go down as soon as possible baby
Lionheart Not to worry baby you will have it back asap with a little interest
Lionheart Do you bank with Wachovia?
DOID Reader really babe i don't got it
Lionheart Honey pls do try
Lionheart It's very urgent


She kept telling him she did not have the money to open the account at Wachovia...and he told her to borrow it from her father, her mother, her friends her family. he asked her to have her friend open it for her. He even told her to ask her Godmother! They stop at nothing to get the money.

Jerry Dickson Scammer on Facebook Uncovered

He calls himself: Jerry Dickson
But he uses this email address:
And this instant messenger nickname: Lionheart
Phone number: +2347066062221

I am a person who looks beyond what may be the obvious. Character is worth more than flashiness. I am a person who appreciates honesty and a great sense of humor.. I love to laugh and to enjoy the simple things in life. I would appreciate a person who has a good sense of who she is and a sense of direction about where she wants to be. I can appreciate a woman who sees a man as a friend and a partner... I know that men and women all have an inner child within and that is why I would appreciate days filled with fun and laughter. I respect and adhere to taking care of business in life--family, work, community, etc Yet, I know life involves alance. I look for the good in most situations and choose to look for the good in others.. I know that life involves give and take and that what you seek--is that you must be willing to give and demonstrate yourself. I am a romantic at heart. I like to be appreciated and complimented to which I would do the same for that special someone..... I like discovering new things about the person you meet. I am a person who looks for the possibilities versus what cannot be achieved. life is better going through with a special one instead of just any one. I like poetry I like trying new things. I respect the direct approach-that is saying what you mean and meaning what you say. I believe in smiling-even when things are not going as perfect as you had hoped. A smile can brighten someone's day-I liken smiling--it is one of my trademarks...I feel all is not fair in love and war. That is, I feel you should give someone your best and that you should exercise respect and honesty. I appreciate genuine companionship and soul inspired relationship. You the one in which you can feel the earth move beneath your feet with just one kiss. Or, one in which you spend idle moments just thinking about the other person......


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