Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chris Peter...or is it Petter..?? Apparently he can't Decdie!

On Thu, 11/5/09, chris petter wrote his first email to us:

this is my hotmail coss my yahoo is messing up so i use my hotmail to reply you on here i am same as chrispeter101@yahoo.com

hello thanks for mailing me and i am so much happy to hear from you,you are welcome i am a 5years widow and i love alone i have 2 kids and they are on there own now they are both in university, i am a civil engineer and i have my own house too i also have a house in Texas and an acre of land i am so much happy with my work and i thank God for all he has give me to make my life
i like playing golf game and and read news paper and watch tv movies try to know what new to me in the world i like watching tv with me lover most expectciealy weekend but it have been so much hard for me to live my life alone since i lost my late wife i reallly make up my mind to be loved again and i came across you i am highly interest in you and i will like to make relationship with you i will like to know more about you too
yours chris


babe i have get done with my work on here but i have a little problem on gething back i lost my return flight ticket with my info and credit card and atm i have call to block my credit card coss of the risk i lost everything in a car accident i should be home now but i am finding my way back home so that is why i dont know how i can explain to you coss i dont want to ask money from you but i need it to be back home
I was here for work and i am doen with it but i was paid by check to Bank Of America and i need to get back to state to cash the check i want you in my life too and i love you for who you and i want to hold you in my arm want to be your everything and and care for you i am so sorry that i cant tell you when i will be back coss i need help to get some money for my flight ticket but i will be there with you as much as i am back do you have a pics to send to me on here

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  1. this is just sick! Hope one day he will find his match!



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