Monday, November 2, 2009

Jack Slaycer, Another Scammer Needing a Plane Ticket Home

This is Jack Slaycer who also goes by Jacky. His email addres is:

After sending us the usual drivel, he then tried to convince us that his wife married his best friend - of course she did!!!! - that is yet another story they always us and his email letters were full of 'i' instead of "I". It is CAPITAL "I", CAPITAL "I". Maybe they need Sesame Street or something.

Then a few days later he sends his sob story about how he is stranded and can't afford a plane ticket to get home! Poor guy... not! anyway, here is his money letter.

I had a problem with my Job on here and they are willing to pay my trip back in January they informed me today but i just quit the Job and i need to get home , though i have some finances waiting for me at home , and when i tried paying online with my credit card i was required to pay extra using my Bta and that i dont have , so after talking to an agent he stated that i can only buy it easier if someone helps me buy it from the states and have it sent to me .... So thats why .. PLease assist me . i wil have the money wired into your credit card online then you can buy it online too for me ... I am waiting here Hun ..

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