Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pedro Williams is Getting Desparate - He Sent Us Another Money Request!

..and this time it is his son James who is in hospital with malaria, after he fell ill with it himself just a few days ago! Just to show how relentless these assholes can be.

hello my queen how are you doing i miss you so much, now James my son he is in the hospital with malaria and i need to get some drug that the doctor told me to buy for him,and am not having enough fund here with me,pls save james life....
Love comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith,i truely love you. Pedro


  1. This man just contacted me on Plenty of Fish under the email hsi id tag is hold2010

  2. He is on under another name and good looking Spanish sort of look under the e-mail Pedro Williams
    Can this be the same asshole!! He also asked for money!!!

  3. Yes! thats him! he's got this stunning looking Spanish guy on his pics. Lucky I smelt a rat when I started reading his emails very very carefully. The manner in which he writes, it's too long and romantic! dickhead!!!

  4. He wrote to me for 1x month long first it was airtime and then R5000 for his housekeepers mothers funeral!!! Long romanting emails, Sexy spanish looking Guy ... I think we all talking about the same guy His cell is 082 420 7444

  5. Omg I was talking to the same guy,he asked me for money and his been sending me long romantic emails to,he says his in London now and he needs money for his passport that he lost.i cannot believe it what an asshole...scam artist.and he said his German with 2 kids....



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