Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yahoo Scammer Danny Wills Victim Story

Danny Wills
I met this Danish man on yahoo, he viewed my profile and contacted me as I was not a member. His email address is We met and of course hit it off immediately. He told me he was a goldsmith he was self employed out of his home and worked at night making jewelry in his home why would I doubt him. He said he was 56 years old and he was a god fearing god loving man, of course I believed everything he said. I was very sick and was at home off work for three months and a lot of medication he was so concerned and said he wanted to take care of me. We were on the phone all day long he would leave me lovely e-mails poems with a lot of art. He claimed to live in Yucca Valley. Two months into our relationship he said he had to go to you got it Accra Ghana for a shipment of gold he had ordered he was going to be gone for maybe three days. A couple of days after he had arrived, he got robbed and beaten his passport and all of his investments were stolen. I told him immediately that I was not going to send him air fare back home. He was insulted and said he did not need my help, he just need my love and understanding. Two weeks later I broke down and sent him $1,000.00 on my VISA via Western Union. It was not enough. I did not hear from him for about a week. The next call I received was from a Dr. from a hospital in Africa that my husband was dying and that they found my name and number on his cell phone. I stopped answering the calls. A week later he called outraged the I did not love him he had been on his death bed that he needed blood and that they had to shock him back to life. A week after that, which is about a month of drama I finally sent him $600.00 via Western Union these were sent to Michael Nykrao the manage of the hotel where he owed money but the message on the wire was that the money was for Danny Wills. He c alled me the day he received the last of the money he needed to get home and told me he was going to come home and make amends so that we could start our life together. He arrived back in the US on a Saturday and called me to tell me that he was going to come down the next day to pay me and to finally meet his wife. I have not heart from him again. I tried calling his cell phone and it is off. I am a small town girl, very trusting and honest and it shocks me that people could do things like this. I also forget the Satan can also quote the bible. It scared me that I could not tell the difference between god and satan. I can never tell my family as they would never understand, but I really did fall in love with this man, he always was too perfect. I can blame some of my stupidity on the heavy doses of medication I was on along with chemotherapy. I am glad to say that I am back at work and my days of getting so caught up in computer land I hope are over. I learned a very hard lesson and I hope this story will help someone else. This man is Danish and has a beautiful accent. He is very articulate and can be anything you need and want so please be careful!!! I don't know if I will every trust again. Thank you


  1. Hello Mary,

    I know by now u had being very mad at me and said all sort of curses but none was my fault or intentions not to talk with u baby. I had being seriously sick and I'm under treatment recovering slowly, I'm sorry i couldn't call because i wasn't my self and cant call from the hospital but u were on my mind all the time. I don't know whether u have find someone else or dating but will like to meet u and show my appreciation for what u did for me sometime ago, just to make amends and we can be friends as we ain't enemies. I will really love u more when u find in your heart to forgive me and come to my warm heart and mind.I miss u and waiting to hear from u soon!!!

    Love & Worried Danny Boy
    My scammer has contacted me again, he has changed his address and I am not answering him. I found him as on pigbusters e-mails, I received the almost exact email where his stuffs have been stolen.

  2. I know how you feel Mary and I was scammed by not just an individual but a group of them work together located in different countries, in my case i was contacted by this individual who claimed to be a colonel with the british military in the intelligence unit and he said he had sent me a parcel and i was contacted by a woman from malaysia to pay for customs for the parcel sent in my name, i was naive until then and i sent, then they asked me to go to malaysia but i refused so they said they'd get the parcel to the nearest country, India (I am from Nepal by the way), and again they asked me to pay for customs i did not believe it so i took a friend with me to India and i met a black man who claimed to be a french national, he obviously had english with strong french accent but now thinking about it he was a fake, i demanded to see what the parcel was and you wont believe it he showed me money USD, i told him that i had nothing to do with it and that i did not want to be part of it. he said i cannot back out now as i was registered with the indian customs and if i did not help pay for paperwork that the FBI will be after me, how do you think a simple woman like myself would have felt. Did not know how or who to report to at the FBI (I did not know about this scamming business) and they have walked off with more than USD100,000 from me - they have completely ruined me. the man who contacted me from UK is called Martins Jerry and the woman from Malaysia is Aslinder and the man who is still in India is Innocent Chris. I have now been contacted by a man who claims to be from US, Ohio and says is a businessman who after contacting me flew to Malaysia to get his business settled and travel to my country to meet me, i bet he will never turn up if he gets the money he is asking for by Wednesday as he intends to be here on Thursday. I am totally heart broken but i have learnt to control my emotions and won't allow anyone to take me for a ride anymore. By the way, I want to also indicate that this second man is probably the same man as there are certain jargons used that sound so familiar from the man who was online before.

  3. I have been scammed by Danny Wills -Denmark just recently. I am financially devestated by this man.I am so lost and confused not knowing where to turn. His storry is exactly the same as Mary Lou. If anyone can provide me qa direction to go to file charges against this man, I would appreciate all the assistance.



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