Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pedro Williams another scammer Falling in Love with US!

Here is what 'Pedro from New York' sent us.
Hello .. how are you doing ?Am pedro from NY... Am new to this site . Wow, I saw your profile while browsing I go through your profile And i see that you are single and you are lovely woman i will like to meet you...... i am here for longterm relationship i am honest caring and god fearing i have one kid 5 years old.. is name is James.. i love him so much and he love me too.... i have a little experience about woman no matter all i go through every woman is beautiful i need a woman that is caring lovely that can take care of my kids.....so i will like to know more about you and i will like to chat with you

His cell phone number is: +2348136542466
Gee Pedro, that country code 234 is for guess where...? NIGERIA!!!!

His email address is:pedrowilliams80@yahoo.com

Here is where Pedro asks for money. He always wrote to us in HOT PINK to show his love.

Well Right now i am begining to have alot of faith in you and i do trust you completelly so thats why i want you to help me on this.........I just need little cash to sustain till i get paid for my contract...just to get some food stuff and hotel bills???....i will be so happy if u can do thi for me casue its really the last hope i have right now in raising the funds to get my work completed and i know u sincerlly would really want to help me out on this cause u really look forward to my happiness......i will pay you back as soon as i get back to state..when i sell ,my golds


  1. This same scammer found me on tagged.com and gave me the same yahoo email address so I know it is him! Thanks for the warning!

  2. I got this guy too! I thought he was legit but something made me google him, and thank goodness I did and thank goodness for this site!

  3. This big time scammer just found me. I too got the feeling something was going on. Thank Goodness I also Googled his name and quickly found out about him. I am right now trying to let go of him. How slick he is:"you kow baby, I love you". Same old B.S., just another guy!!!!!!!!!

  4. There's a scammer with same name, Pedro Williams, but he is from Liverpool UK, his email is pedro.williams111@yahoo.com
    I feeling something about him, and end up he ask me send him money becouse he stuck at custom at his travelling to my country. He really sweet talk and slick.

  5. I have even met this guy, now he is using pedrowiliam4112@gmail.com.
    He says, he is working with South African Pipeline Petroleum Authority (SANPPA). He wants me to register my company and since is an internal officer will help me to get that registration so easily and later on we will be getting contracts and we will share profit 50:50.
    I even gave him my phone number and surprisingly he called using a UK's number. He has even told me there is an Attorney General in South Africa who he has already contacted and gave me his contacts ( Mr William Souza (LLB Hons).

    Email: William@greenbenneth.com

    Website: Www.greenbenneth.com), this will help us register and will represent us at SANPPA.
    Below is Today's email:


    Following our telephone conversation, I have discussed with the accredited
    Attorney who will handle the procedure. His obligation is to represent your
    company during the applications processing as well as reassignment/approval
    handling of the licensing under our directives and instructions. Once we
    have successfully reassigned the allocation in favour of your company and
    have been issued with a Letter of Authority, we can then bring in end buyers
    as we will be entitled with 2MBPM depending on how fast we are able to bring
    in end buyers.

    Find below his contact details.

    Contact person: Mr William Souza (LLB Hons).

    Email: William@greenbenneth.com

    Website: Www.greenbenneth.com

    I have already discussed with him and he is expecting to hear from you, so I
    advise you email him with your company profile as he will be representing
    us. He will obtain the necessary procedural forms on our behalf and will
    handle the whole licensing procedure.

    Let me know once you have made contact with him. I will call you for further





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