Monday, October 12, 2009

Internet Dating Scammer Paul Smith on TAGGED.COM

We set up an account on an internet site and were contacted by scammers almost immediately. Here is one of the scammers who has contacted us and within 4 days - he asked for money!

Here is the first email smith p (Paul Smith) sent us along with the photo the scammer is using on

smith p on
Hi Baby, My name is smith paul and I will really love us to know each other better. Please, hit me up on YM. my ID is so we can have a chat. You may also leave me your Yahoo Id or hot mail Id for me to also add you to my list. i am on line now on yahoo u can buzz me if u get my mail so we chat on yahoo I await your reply. Regards, smith paul

His email address is

Over the past four days he has sent various letters professing his love. Most of them with poor spelling and bad grammar. Then he starts copying and pasting stupid love letters from God knows where...He is of course traveling for work, in AFRICA - what a surprise but will be back in the US soon. Within 4 days - JUST 4 DAYS - he asked for money in this email:
my love hope u got all my mail i have been sending to you i am just here to ask for ur help and hope u will not let me down on this due it new how love is going fine but i need u to help my friend it name is Justin Francis Stockheimer right now he is have a big problem is son is so sick and he lost is job i feel for him cos he is the only person that as been nice to me all my life he got me this job i am doing now and u no what it mean that when he is in pain now i can not help him company ask me to travel to a country to work there just for two week and i have use some money to get some paper work done i do not have much in hand to help him with and u no i am not too rich like u do but i do not mind if u can help me with the small have i to send to my friend i have about $2500 to give to him but he still need more like about $1500 i do not no if u can help me with this .....i will be happy is u can help now cus i need to make my friend happy do u no what i told him about both of us the new love i have fine u and he was happy for me and u..but pls if u can`t help me that is ok but u can help me that will be fine
if u can`t help me just let me no but i will love u with all my heart and soul but my friend need help ok

Yeah, we are sure you will love us with all your heart - when we don't send you the money.

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  1. I saw this guy on too! He contacted me with the same exact email! I googled his email address and found this site thank goodness.

  2. Don't worry, he has been turned into the International FBI scammer list

  3. Not knowing there were such scams, I went onto and within 4 days, every potential match turned out to be a fake person. I have found and written on another site about Mitch Davidson, aka, Peter Emac (and others) but corresponded most with a "Paul Smith".. I have extra photos he sent and it never got as far as the money question as I finally found a story about scammers work and realized that his bad grammer, being in turkey, asking me to go-offline to be "with only him" were red flags.. He was violently angry when I questioned him and demanded to know at least the street address of his American town listed as "Novely, Missouri". Like the others I caught, he kept "buzzing" my Yahoo chat (their favorite tool) and turned it into my so called problem.. I have found that there is a Paul Smith who pretended to be with the FBI and was so bold that he actually sent out a letter on Letterhead telling people to fix the problem by sending even more money to a different site.. Is there a good place where photos of him can be posted and found (Obviously I have learned that the online photos are not real.. I fell that their main profile photo is from some type of corporate profile prospectus and then they send photos upon request or just for fun saying it is them but if you look, the additional photos are from a distance and without high-tech equipment, we could never tell.

  4. Hi Is now claiming to be a sgtPaul Smith serving in Afghanistan, I did part with £10.00 but received flowers , chocolates must be worth £50.00 from interflora ,but sussed out with the help of these blogs ,so he lost out ,but these men have done there homework. These dating sites must take some responsability ,should all show proof of id before allowing to join .

  5. I think this man is now posing as Paul Smith. Working in Uk. Just won a contract in Ghana for drilling oil. Yesterday I too received flowers, chocolates, teddy bear and today he is supposedly in Ghana asking me to pay for an iphone 4 for him as his will not work offshore. Haven't sent any money and met his through a dating site where you pay to be a member.

  6. Have guys know about James Westwood he a member of site. He is also a scammer.

  7. James Westwood4me or James Hocker beware of this man he is a first he will tell you aboutwords of God and etc. watch of out this man

    1. he is sending email to me also, just this day he told me he send a package for me and i will receive it on monday, he get my email ad in, not a dating site..he is an engineer with one son. thank you i have read this i almost believe it.

  8. This guy is now posing as Paul Smith from Maryland with a best mate called Eric Moore ,they have a car dealership apparently, a week ago they said they were going on a business trip to the Ukraine.

    Guess what they had a car crash ,Paul needed urgent medical attention and said has spent all their money his mate Eric begged me to send money ,

    As if i would fall for that ! bad luck guys !

  9. He is now posing as the name "Mark Ramson" , he got me and drained my account.

  10. He's now Paul Smith of Bloomington ILL. He has some beautiful letter templates that are fantastic love letters. He asks that I sent him love letters as well. I guess he's using letters other women send him to bait new women. Claims to be a gold wholesaler and a millionaire. Only has home phone because police won't let him have a cell phone because people broke into his bank account. Right! Claims to have been educated in Oxford. Again, asked for money when he had to go to Ghana on a business trip. Needed iPhones and iPads. Very romantic and easily angered.



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