Monday, October 26, 2009

Signs You May Be Talking To A Nigerian Scammer

Now that we decided to toy with scammers in an effort to keep them busy (and hopefully away from victims) we have noticed some signs right away that we have a Nigerian scammer on the hook. Here are some of the signs that you may be talking, chatting or emailing a Nigerian scammer:

1. Their first email to you (or maybe the second) gives you their yahoo id (even though you didn't ask for it) and they want to chat offsite with yahoo im.

2. They supply their phone number almost immediately and want yours (of course it is not a us or uk number)

3. If they have a child, they have an only child. They say they have custody of their child and the kid travels with them to foreign countries. Forget about school and freinds for the kid.... who the hell babysits this kid by the way?

4. They may start out living in the United States but wind up working overseas perhaps in the UK, Italy, whatever but then after THAT job, they get their next job in....guess where.... Africa. Big shock, right?

5. The sob story is they are either a widow whose wife died in a car accident, during childbirth, or left him for his best friend. These are the three most popular right now.

6. They are looking for a woman (man) who will be a mother (father) for their child. RIGHT AWAY. They let you know they told the kid about you and the kid is THRILLED and calls you Mom or Dad right away. When/if the kid writes you they will change the font color. (How stupid)

7. The say they grew up in the states, BUT don't use our vernacular. They say they went to the cinema. We in the U.S.A. say we went to the movies. They say they need "food stuffs". In America, we simply say "food". Their spelling is horrible and grammar is just as bad. They love to use "cos" for because.

8. They often say they are new to the site and you are the first person they are writing to -- go check, they have been on for a while, and have friends.

9. They profess love REALLY quickly. Within a few emails they KNOW you are the right one for them and want to spend the rest of their lives with you. Yeah, ok.

10. They tell you they live in California or New York or wherever, but know NOTHING about it. They don't know the area, stores, streets, etc. These are just some of the signs we have observed so far and will post more soon.

9. They bought a one way ticket to a foreign country. Huh? They may say it is because they didn't know when the job would be finished? Pay the extra 50 bucks to change the dates, rather than the high rate of a one way ticket that of course they won't have the money for when the job is over, because they will either be robbed (lie) or have a check they can't cash (lie).

10. Can't cash a check in a foreign country. Really? Why the hell not? Go to the bank that issued the check, and cash it there. You don't have to have an account, just the person who WROTE THE CHECK does. So, what's the problem? Oh, that's right, there ISN'T a check anyway, this is all part of the scam.

11. Accents : You may think he/she disn't SOUND Nigerian. Would you know what a Nigerian sounds like? No. You most likely DON'T. The big question is why does someone BORN in America (like they claim) that lived in America (like they claim) have an accent that is NOT American?


  1. They tell you that they are working for a company that is in the United States, and that they pay them in cashier's checks, but they cannot cash the checks in the country that they are in so they would like you to cash the checks for them and wire them the money.

  2. Other ways to identify these fuckers are they send long emails.
    They claim to have a profession or degree of some sort but then they will talk about being interested in art sculpture, crafts & beads.
    They often travel to West Africa (Nigeria) to get their stuff and ship it back to the US or UK.
    Then they will tell u they are in Africa & they are stuck with anything from their cash running out, to a lost or stolen passport.
    They then start hounding u to "lend" them the cash.
    If u have furnished them with contact numbers they will just keep on calling u to get your help.



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