Sunday, October 4, 2009

John Wilson offers to help catch a scammer, too bad he IS ONE

We recently recieved an email from a reader who was already scammed for thousands and was talking online to a new man she met supposedly from Tennessee. She told him about how she was scammed before, etc. They wrote back and forth and then he told her he wanted to help find her scammer for her. Then came this email, where he wanted her to send 650 dollars to Nigeria to have his "friends" find him. He is a scammer too, and had NO intention of finding anyone. Here is the email from John Wilson to her where he goes in for the kill to seal the deal. Note how at the end he has to go and "read his bible." Yeah right! From: John Wilson <>Subject: Re: what a wonderful talkTo: XXXXDate: Monday, July 6, 2009, 8:39 AM
hey XXX,
Firstly, I give thanks to God almighty for His mercy that endure forever upon us. You are one of a kind and i so much appreciate that. Lord I thank you father for sending this woman to me. I know she is an heaven sent and it is your world that say where two are join together in your name, you will be there with them. Lord I thank You for your wonderful shower of blessing upon us. It is such a blessing moment for me to meet you. Sweetie, i understand why you are feeling insecure but i want to assure you that i will get on hold of the guy, but i have contacted the efcc and they ask me a little information about you, i also gave them your number, maybe they will call you soon for a little interview on phone. Because when i talked to them i was told that you have to pay them for workmanship first and i let them understand that the guy have ripped you a lot that you have nothing left and they also feel concern about that too. But they said never the less that you need to pay, which if i have here i would have help you out. I was told that they need $650.00 for this. But baby if you don;t have i understand and if there is a way i can help you out i will okay, so that they can start as soon as possible. They will trace and catch him in every possibility because that is their work and job, to stop curruption.
Back to your question baby, i have a DL but do not have scanning machine to scan over here. But my address in state: 128 Mill Circle, Smyrna TN 37167. I understand that you want to feel safe with me and you want to feel safe on there baby. Now I believe I can do anything with you, cause you are my family in Christ. Baby I want to go to any lenght with you. To travel together and do things together, I want to meet your dad and i want him to know that I have Jesus in my life. And despite because of all what has happening to you, i promise i will treasure you and i will not break your hurt. I don't understand why people think money or materials things is the major thing in life, instead to be seeking the kingdom of God first and all other things will be added unto us. I feel for you for everything you hav gone through...But i know there is a reason why we met and God will keep us safe to be together soon sweetie. It is when i became a believe that i believe that there is nothing God can not do. Sweetie, I got divorce about 4yrs ago and since then i have not met any woman for sex. Because I know it is a sin to my soul. I also want you to know that I have struggle financially before God turn around things to a better way in my life, when i became a photo journalism. Today I thank God for this position i am. So I believe that if you know God He will surely meet all your needs and you have nothing to worry about. Please feel free and don't be hesitate to ask me anything that is not clear to you. Have a wonderful day ahead at work.
I think i have to stop here and read my bible. May this day be a blessing to you and always.
Hope to hear from you soon
Love always


  1. yes i was also his victim Name is Maxwell Hart but email same..john wilson 42....and when i question he said his fathers name and dog name later he change to maxwell 48..the maxwell harto..etc..i am stupid of believing him yes he got me scam including a laptop so he can finish his contract quickly and pocket money to see me..then had accident on the way..then again the Dr..and a third party sending money...That's in Port Harcourt Nigeria..but i also send packages to her 2 daughter and mom in Madera California...too late i found out he is a scammed bec..of the photo his photo he send to me we chat regularly in he brought me there how to download..his other name is Donald Pasino/dating site Mi gente..but googles Donald Cares

  2. also beware of Peter Smith similar or He said he is orphan same as Alan white head both have children peter had 6yrs. old boy and Alan Whitehead had 5 yrs old daughter... Alan Whitehead had scammed me and disappear.but peter smith never give him any ..i learned my lesson and he is so abusive..where can I report him i deleted myself on his fb..but he is still on my yahoo...please advice me..



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