Monday, October 26, 2009

Anderson Cole - Nigerian Internet scammer, and of course my "husband" (yeah right)

Let us introduce you to Anderson Cole or Cole Anderson as the case may be. here is the first email say pretty much the same crap as the others. .... he must be a real catch because he plays the french horn!

I saw your profile; I am very much interested to meet you. ........After several years of feeling quite all right about being a "single divorce" man, I am sick of it and very interested in finding a female companion with great interests, good health and the ability to find joy in each day. I have a son, I am glad to say, I like to travel, read, garden, play the French horn, sing in a choir, cook, and do a little entertaining.
I hope we could get to know more about each other and I must tell you that i want an everlasting relationship, which will full of trust, care and is my personal id. ........hope to chat with you soon

PHONE NUMBER .....+447024025952

Once we responded we got this back from him and what a GREAT speller he is!

Dear Angel,
Thank you very much for your time taking to write me back,i applicate it a lot, i must also confess that you are such a beatutiful woman,and i believe that you will be very young at heart,i have a good sense of humour too,its true that i just join this site,and i wrote you,but the truth of it all is that you write back,because i was thinking maybe you wouldn`t,because of the distance,i bet a leap of faith on you and i won,am very glad,and i have to thank you for that,i hope we get to know each other more..I have been divorce for 4 years and i never have a relationship,not until now that i have been able to go by my past,i dont know i mighty be luck to find someone here,i also must let you know that i dont get on the computer much.I love to play the piano, let me tell you I am in search of an honest and trustworthy woman, emotionally mature woman who is still "young at heart" who cares about her health and appearance, has a good sense of humor, easygoing personality, confident, romantic, affectionate, generous, someone that can bring back trust, love, compassion, security, positive energy and balance into my life; as I am capable of bringing the same to her life, an intelligent, patient and dependable woman that I can place all my faith on, just as you are giving me a leap of your faith now, and gotten me so curious to know you,someone who will love me for whom I am and not what I have,i understand when you dont want to talk about yours yet, someone that is ready for us to love each other till death do us path, trust is very important, but I want you to know that trust is earn, I never want to meet that type of my ex wife any more, I don’t want to talk about her else I would have tell you what she did, though I have forgiven her, maybe latter I can find peace to tell you.
I know we are about some miles away from each other and I hope that wont be a problem for you, because as of me it not,and the age of a thing is nothing to me too but just a number, am very open to relocate any time i found the joy of my life,Keller is a small island in Virigina,I work as a building engineer with a construction company and my job has taken me to different part of the world,what kind of work do you do? I like to cook, am use to it, maybe someday I will have the chance to cook for you, LOL, do you like to cook? Its fun to have someone to cook with in the kitchen, my son name is JOE his a very good boy,his all i have and i love him very much, he will be 11th next month 2nd, tell me about your kids? do you like kids?,i hope you are close with your kids, I strongly believe in the love and support of Family, do you like animals? I have a dog and a fish, I call the dog Bailey and the fish Lilly, do you understand how lonely and boring life could be alone, that’s how my life is right now, I want a stop to it now, am ready to open my heart, how about you? what do you really want in your man?, are you ready to open your heart for a man you deserve, I hope I have not bore your eyes let me run, I need to get back to bed, I will hope to hear from you, have a wonderful night, and remember that angels are your guild henceforth...hope to read from you is my ID to chat with you soon

Then TWO DAYS LATER, JUST TWO DAYS.... he is calling me his WIFE and asking for money because his ATM does not work and then he thought they were going to pay him cash on his job but of course they didn't and he needs $1350 to get back to the states... and his ATM does not work!

Hello my queen
How are you doing today?hope you are doing good.....Am very glad to read from you,this really show that you want us to be together,as told you earlier that the check payment is with me now,and i ll need to get to the state before i can tender it to the chase bank for clearing,and i want that to be on Monday,that is why i need you to help me with the ticket funds, i mean you ll send that to me then i can book for my ticket,and the ticket fees is 1350$, when i get to you i ll refund that to you back ok.then we can talk about what you would like to do,please do this on time,i want to get out of here,cos of the check with me,then i can be with you by Saturday......Hope to read from you.

Love always


  1. This same scammer used He sent poetry would quote scripture. He stated he had a son in boarding school in Spain who had an accident and needed cash now sent to someone helping at his school so the hospital would treat his son. Instead of divorced he was a widow for 7 years. He contacted me on I never did see him on webcam but he said his connection was too slow because he was working on and oil rig in Scotland. his phone number he used was +447024023423

  2. I also recieved an e-mail from this moron saying that he was from FedEx in Nigeria and I had a 'Cheque' as he spelled for $688,000 and it waiting for my confirmation to deliver it. He said I needed to mail him a security keeping fee. If I had that much money waiting for me in Nigeria I think I would know about it!

  3. Yes, i also received an e-mail just like that, saying that he was from DHL.. before i will do all the thing he said to me what to do, first i check, then just as i thought that it is a scam..

  4. This horrid creature has just tried to scam me by using a profoundly deaf friend's facebook account beware. THIS IS DESPICABLE whoever you are.

  5. I was approached by a Cole Anderson on Lava Life and accepted his request to chat on yahoo his id was his profile on lava life was 35 yo from Georgia USA and when we chatted on yahoo he started telling me he was in Nigeria for work (he's an art collector seller) and he was robbed of his documents, money and his return flight back to the US. At this point I decided to google his name and came upon this site... thank god I did. DONT ACCEPT any requests from "Cole Anderson" period...

    1. I also was approached by a Cole Anderson on Lava Life and accepted his request to chat on yahoo his id was his profile on lava life was 35 yo from Georgia USA and when we chatted on yahoo he started telling me he was in Nigeria for his mothers funeral and her propertys as well and he was robbed of his documents, money and his return flight back to the US. And he has no family back in the USA but he is staying with his old grandmother and his creditcards does not work the and he need $1500.00 for bus flight back to the USA At this point I decided to google his name and came upon this site... thank god I did. DONT ACCEPT any requests from "Cole Anderson" period...

    2. I have new pictures of this Cole Anderson how do I post them up

  6. You don't. I, who own this site, am the only one that can.

  7. I just was chatting with this same scammer artist. It's the second time that something like that happens in a dating website, Badoo. Fhey appear near fo my location, in the same city that I live. Then they ask me to go to yahoo messenger, apparently that must be easy to use in Nigeria, thdn they start telling that they are traveling in another state but they will be soon back with me. Kids in another city, widow, fishy stories until I search foe their namea in internet and I discover the truth. They will deny of course. I hope one day Fbi or Cia will discover and get them. Shame on acam artists. This time this used

    1. they must all live at Badoo! I have been in contact with also. Is in the US Army and stationed at South Africa on mission and wants to come meet me as soon as possible. Once he gets to the US, he will retire and we can start a new life on his retirement. Has 1M$ in bank in US but can't get it from over there. Must return to states to do paperwork to access it. Has a 7 year old son, sent me photo of son and of himself in uniform. Wife was killed in car crash. Son stays with Nanny. No family left for him - he's all alone now. and on and on and on....

    2. Same thing just happened to me, wanted ss# full name and address to send a Debit card, same person, same into my e-mail. Watch out, sweet talker

  8. I was approached on Facebook eventhough I am clearly listed as single. He was using another man's photo, which looked like something out of a JC Penney catalogue. I told him I had no interest aside from friendship, but that didn't stop him from trying to ask for cash to be sent for a plane ticket to get out of Africa. He quickly stopped his scam when I said that I didn't know him and wasn't sending him money.

    He says that he works for UNICEF---of course, the rest is the same as above, word for word. I have shared this article on my page and hope that no one falls for it! If someone seems strange and doesn't spell well in their emails (eventhough he claims to be a professional), chances are that they are fake. I hope women listen to their sixth sense!!

  9. I got friend request on Skype from Anderson cole telling me he was a general in the us army. His wife died 6yrs ago from breast cancer. He has a nine yr old son called Harry who is in a boarding school in Michigan. He told me that thin and his unit rescued a man from suicide bombers and took mr Mohammed to hospital and looked after is business for him while he was in hospital. He said that he was retiring from the army at the end of sept and coming to Scotland to be with me. He told me that there was a big conference on and mr Mohammed was there and asked him if he could speak in his office where he found out that mr Mohammed was a top oil tycoon in Afghanistan and had given Anderson and his men 3 million dollars to thank them for looking after him and his company. Anderson said that some of the money would go to the hospital there in Afghanistan and he wanted me to accept luggage containing 1 million dollars which he would invest here in Scotland his cloth his green uniform and a present for my son and I. He had arranged for a delivery agent to drop the luggage off at my address and I was to pay the agent 2800 $ for his fee. I immediately went to my local police office on receipt of the email and I have not had any correspondence since. Please stay clear of Anderson cole or cole Anderson con artists. I made a lucky escape

  10. The bastard is still at it. Got hit up on BBPeople Meet. I did email him, then started to really pay attention to the grammar. Once the repetitions started, I knew this was a scam. Then I searched his name and up popped this website. I too made a lucky escape after giving the scumbag a piece of my mind.

  11. This is so funny. He just sent me a message on facebook saying he's a plastic surgeon living in England and looking for a girlfriend as he's single. I'm Korean, and not even living in England. I thought this guy is crazy.

    Though he looks very decent and actually was wearing an operating gown in his profile pic, his English was too poor to be Doctor's, and also his facebook address is www., which is not his name on facebook. So i googled 'Anderson Cole' which leaded me to this blog. He was probably using different guy's name and picture.

  12. andyc2020: heyyoulookingforme? Email:
    Non-smoker with undisclosed body type
    Los longeles, California
    49 year old Man, 5' 7" (170cm), Christian - other
    Caucasian Capricorn with No hair
    andyc2020 Wants to find someone to marry
    PhD / Post Doctoral
    own business

    Click here to report this profile if the main image doesn't show the user's face.

    I am Seeking a Woman For Long term
    Needs Test
    Not Completed
    Not Completed

    Do you drink? Prefer not to say Do you want children? Undecided
    Marital Status Widowed Do you do drugs? No
    Pets No Pets Eye Color Brown
    Do you have a car? N/A Do you have children? Yes
    Longest Relationship Over 10 years How ambitious are you? Very Ambitious

    Golfing and tennis

    About Anderson
    Family and friends are important to me.I love to laugh and can be a little witty and sarcastic. I'd say I'm motivated, outgoing, kind, independent, goofy, intelligent and very friendly. I'm looking for someone active, kind and loving who challenges me and who's my best friend. I'm looking for someone who's motivated, laid back, has a sense of humor, and lives life to the fullest. i am seeking a hard working woman who is ready to share laughter and also ready for a committed relationship that will lead to marriage. someone who is not shy of showing affection in the public. i am not looking for a one night stand, and if that is what you are looking for, you can skip my profile.

    First Date
    Go on a coffee.

  13. Just got a friend request on Facebook from Anderson Cole. Goofy name. Only 5 friends and no info. picture of a white guy with sunglasses. so I Googled him right away, Been scammed enough to know hes not legit.



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