Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Internet Dating Scammer Edward Pedersen is Alive and Scamming

We had another one approach us on internet site and start emailing professing their undying love, etc and once again within 4 days of emails about how I am the 'sugar in the tea' they ask for money. Here if the first email from Edward P. and again he provides his Yahoo IM address below.

From:Edward P


Friday, October 09, 2009 6:12:00 PM

Hey Cutie it's nice taking ...

Hey Cutie it's nice taking a glance at your profile who says its only diamonds and gold substances that sparkle....that person may have been misled.I just feel deep within my heart and soul that you're a priceless and valuable substance. and from checking through your profile i was not only freaked by your beauty but the beauty of your heart. to conclude this .You're simply 'perfecto' which means beauty in perfection.Your hair,your eye and nice looking lips makes you a woman worth looking at and i,m just looking at your picture with keen interest of sincerity. I really respect women and i think that a relationship built on the pivot of true love is worthwhile.and if you get to know me better you,d see that i,m far different from the other Guy's you may have probably met on this social network because not only will i cherish your worth but i,ll appreciate and adore your womanhood virtue like no other person has done to you before because i,m real and i,m natural. If you could just give me a chance to prove myself to you'll see and feel deep within yourself that this is no charade or chess of deception but a tale of reality and i,m serious about Knowing you better,Write me back if You want a serious relationship write me on Here or you can add me to your messenger IM list so that we can chat....edredfellopp@yahoo.com....Stay Bless.Edward

Here is Edwards' Email address: edredfellopp@yahoo.com

And here is the letter where he asks for money including his phone number. We only emailed 3 times before he asked for the money!

He sent us his 'passport' which is of course fake to 'validate' his identity.

Hi My Love,

Thanks for your mail and understanding.......i really appreciate your effort and i am very happy to must have mearnt someone like you......baby the above attachment is my passport just like i promised....baby i want you to know that i am gonna pay you back with the sum amount of $200,000,00USD even as we get married when i come to the state love.....baby i am sending you mine passport so that you can know that i am really in need of this money to make sure that my fund which is $10.2millionUSD get transfer by wednesday as soon as you send the money this morning today love so that i can get to the bank and do what they have asked me to do.....baby here are the details on how to send the money via western union money transfer.....Honey pls i have been advice that u send the money in two part with same name and same address but different two mtcn and also provide me with your full name and specific address which you are gonna used to send the money through...cos it's very hard to cash any money more than $3,000 here in united kingdom via western union money transfer...Honey pls used the below info which is mine name...... and the address to send the one of $2500 and also used the same name to send the one of $2250 and pls let it be different two mtcn and also specify each mtcn for a perticular amount ....Honey i want you to please split it into two part with different two mtcn...


Honey send me the money transfer control number(MTCN) and every other details neccessary for me to be able to collect the money from any nearest western union money transfer here in united kingdom,like the sender's name,sender's address and the exact amount you are sending to me ok?

Honey you are to send all the details to my mail box ok?

Thanks honey for your assistance and i promise to pay u back by the time i get my funds transfer and i arrive state to meet you.
Here is my tel number......+447024051392

Hun pls i want you to know that i am gonna do what ever that will make u happy ok?u know the situation on grand and you know that this is the most important thing we need to do so that i can get back to you and buy you anything you so desire.......that is also why i sent you mine passport and with that love u can trace me anywhere in the world i can even send u mine social security number(SSN) if u so desire.....baby pls try and send the money this morning as soon as u wake up today.
Baby i have given u all my personal info am quite sure that u will be more satisfy and if u so also desire i can send u mine SSN as earlier updated.....pls love i shall be waiting for the two different mtcn and the rest details.....baby i can't wait to share the good news with u soon that the money it's been transfer..

Regards with love while waiting to hear from you soon


When we of course, did not send the money he sent about 8 emails today asking us for the money and for copies of our passports. Yeah ok, sure, we will get that right to you... basically we just plan on ignoring him now.

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