Monday, October 19, 2009

Matt James - yet Another Scammer - but check out his STORY!

Here is the first sweetheart letter we received from Matt along with his photo and email address... BEWARE! And he sets himself up first to look 'credible' because he is a missionary.... yeah ok.

Hey pretty, How are you doing? It would be nice to be part of an angel like you, I'm willing to get to know you You are a good looking woman with great beauty.I work for the church as a missionary alliance and building contractor im helping the ophanage childrens and i love travelling with the ministry and if you are interesting u can mail me back... matt

His email address is:

Here is the letter where he asks for $$$$. We have to admit his story is very 'creative'. He apparently went to sleep with a candle lit, but it set the rug on fire and his hotel room was on fire until 4 am when he woke up to 'pee'. And he wrote us this email still wearing his 'pinjamas' since he lost all his clothes in the fire.

Dear Sweetie,
i am in a big trouble last night i slept without puting of the light on my candle because i usually sleep puting on the i slept and did not put off the candle burnt and caught up with the rug the whole room was on fire untill about 4;00 am this morning when i woke up to pee i open my eyes and i couldnt see because of the whole place was filed with smoke i i quickly rushed to the upstairs to call the manager and the manager called the fire service before they showed up the whole room has burnt even a single shirt of mine and clothe was not safe my passport and my visa everything was all burnt am just wrecked and the owner of the hotel has called the police and they are threatening me to pay for the damages and they dont even care about my own personal lost, as am talking to you now the pinjamas i wore i have $100 in the pocket of my pinjamas that is the last money i have with me and that is not enough to move down to another hotel.that is why i ask you to call me urgently...I am writing you this email from a public internet cafe so to let you know what i'm going through . i am frustrate and i feel like going crazy my whole life is wrecked and i don't know what to do...Baby i am really broke now and i dont know how to get my flight money back home...I went to the people i work for to see if i can get some cash from them but they told me they aren't going to give me anymore money until i am done with my i really don't feel comfortable asking you for money...I will like you to please for God sake and for the love we have for each other loan me some money till i can get my check! i dont even know how i'm going to get food or i rather starve my self and get my flight booked so i can leave and come be with you my love .have to get some food stuff and get all my important thing like my international passport and drivers license...I have been online since this incident happen to me i really have been so frustrated i think of killing my self as i am writing you this email with tears on my face cause i never knew this is going to happen ....I will check back on you shortly or call you,i have really missed miss you so badly...Hope to hear back from you soon baby...Miss you more than word can love i hope to hear from you soon \
Loving you always

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  1. Also note that this idiot says he had 100$ in his pajama pocket. What for? In case hookers show up in his sleep? Or because he ordered 20 pizzas while sleepwalking?



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