Friday, October 21, 2011

French Scammers are out there too

Have recently looked on your website ,to my horror I can recognise that I too have been the victim of a Nigerian internet dating scam.  I recently met a  46 year old man online who promised me the world, love, marriage, happy ever after, you name it. He was French, not American and not Nigerian. Three weeks in to this daily contact he said he had to go to Accra, Ghana on business. He told me he was a freelance civil engineer. After the first day there he told me his wallet had been stolen and he needed £300.00 to pay his workers. I refused. Then he kept asking me for T-Mobile phone top up vouchers, which foolishly I sent £50.00 in total. He then asked again for £220.00 to get a return flight home because his friend had already given him £2500 because he lost his wallet and he still did not have enough money?!!! I refused, thank god.  The very worrying thing for me is that this man text me, phoned me and used his webcam to talk to me and his son was there. He sent me flowers, chocolates and a soft toy. Should I be suspicious I ask my self time and time again. He also told me that he had a 4 bed house with a swimming pool. I had the foresight to look up his address on "street map" and I found that the address was some semi detatched ***t hole in an urban street somewhere.  I am more than happy to share this with anyone who has been a victim as I have, my message to those is "be very careful" 

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  1. I met someone from Stepout and his name is Franck Marchand, on skype Franck.denicole and on facebook Franck Marchand from Lorient, France....we have been talking for about 1 month and half and he always was so romantic and caring about me. Two weeks ago he said he had a business in Cotre D' ivore and he had lots clients there. He sells used imports cars and he had to go to there to wait for the shipping for his cars. Since he got there he talk almost everyday from Facebook. So 3 days ago he starting asking for 500 dollars to pay fees . To liberate those cars . I told him, to stop asking that because i will never give any money to anyone besides my son. i was wondering more women maybe are in risk on this scammer... I need to find out who is him for real and put those scammer in jail.

  2. Yup, I know the post is old but the scammers are still at it--and they're looking for you; rather, your MONEY.

    These guys (if they are guys) currently inhabit over 60% yes, SIXTY percent of ALL dating websites.

    Said Romeos start out saying they're British, or French or some such romantic heritage just to explain they're Nigerian accent. they also claim to be engineers, construction and/or company owners.

    Next, they say they love you to the moon and back; you're their one and only; you;re a beautiful woman . . . blah, blah blah and on and on with mushy poetry (that they've plagiarized).

    NEXT, they fall victim to a host of issues from stolen wallet, jailed/need bail, need to pay workers, need to buy materials, need to pay fees to get a big payout, fees for luxury cars, fees to get on a plane to 'visit you' . . . and on and on it goes.

    Please slap your brain back in place, ladies and men. These leaches love your MONEY. NOT YOU!

    Those kids you see on video? Not his. Their tuition due? Not true and/or not YOUR problem. Get a grip, take a deep breath and move ON.

    Move on to the not-so-perfect guy.



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