Friday, October 21, 2011

Scammer Paul Jenkins on Guardian Soulmates

I was contacted by someone calling himself Paul Jenkins on Guardian Soulmates.
He uses this email id:

I'm attaching pictures of him.
He didn't ask me for money, but then I didn't give him the chance.

His story is that he's a widower, an independent oil-rig contractor working with Shell. He said he's based in the UK, at the moment in London/Manchester, and was on an oil-rig in the North Sea. Said his wife was killed in a road accident and that he's got a daughter.
First he said his wife was killed a few months after his 14 year old daughter was born. Then he said his wife died 5 years ago. he said his daughter was living with her grandma in Texas, then last week he said she was studying in Scotland.

He said he was trying to win a contract that would bring him to the UAE (where I live) for two years. first he said he'd got the contract. Then he said he hadn't. He said his daughter wanted to talk to me, and put her on the phone. I can swear it was him, trying to put on a little-girl voice. His daughter by now was 12, going on thirteen, and was off to do a two month dance course at the University of Aberdeen.

Please do let me know if you've got him registered anywhere else!

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  1. Paul Jenkins now has raided MUSLIMA dot com .(CUPID MEDIA ...Australia) He posted to that site photos of a midwest realtor. The realtors face book page a perfect match with the photos on Muslima. He now uses a trojan to hack sites entire so he may now plant entire fake pages.The skype number on QC Govt page dissappeared. Matched the one on skype.He initiated the skype call to me. Knows my name. In addition contacts me via SKYPE. Where he claims he is Queens Council Paul Jenkins . He persists with the widower story but the Queen's Counsel is GAY!Has Danish partner.On the pink page The PC should run a Microsoft full scan for trojans *severe*.
    The impersonator will not allow you to see him and says he is 51 not 56. But his story is all over the map with factual inconsistencies. UK Gov should prosecute anyone who impersonates GOVT OFFICIAL. He freely roams.

  2. He's also on Christian pretty much the same story he gave the first lady, only sent me pictures of a Hawaiian model as his 15 yr old daughter. Posed as a Shell oil contracter. didn't ask for money, but I felt the same way as the others. He's also asked me to marry him. I'm in the USA.

  3. He is registered on Skype in the US. I shared my picture and first name. He contacted me. We chatted for a bit and I agreed to friend him. Should I be worried? He's obviously back at it in 2015.



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