Friday, October 21, 2011

Beware of Albert Morgan on BlackPlanet

Albert Morgan
DOB 5/03/1968
Has yahoo messenger and yahoo email which is
Blackplanet profile name is wonderfulalbert111
BEWARE - Real charmer
asks you to send money via western union
Last contact Phone number is 0011447045787701
I met my scam artist on a dating service online. Actually he found me, just 3mths ago. He sent me a lovely message, than I replied we exchanged email address and messenger details. Where we had been chatting and building a relationship, well that is what he led me to believe, we even exchanged phone numbers. We rang each other many times and he would leave messages on my voice mail how he really missed me and I was everything to him and meant the world to him and soon we would be together.

He said he lives in Jacksonville , Florida and was traveling to London for work. He was trying to sell a self funded project to the government over there. After a short period of time he told me that all his funds had been used up due to registering for licenses and permits etc and he needs funds to able to finish the deal and receive a large sum of money. I fell for his manipulation and he continued to carry on with stories of the project and I continued to send money to help him. Finally he told me he had received the cheque and was ready to travel to Australia and how we where going to be together and he was going to cash his cheque here and reimburse me all the money he took from me. However of course he needed money for the airfare, he sent me flight details etc and was having a stop over in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia once he reached there he started ringing me again saying he needed money to get through customs, for 2 weeks this continued as he was robbed and needed more money and than had to use that money for renewing his ticket to Australia it just went on and on. He kept promising me we would be together any day now. If I ever questioned him on anything he would say that he was hurt that I would think that, and he would says things like his word was his bond, he even swore on his mother's grave that he was telling me the truth and he would return my money and we would be blissfully happy together. He managed to scam over $6000 from me. I am a single mum with 3 children, I work 2 jobs and just wanted to find love and my life partner. Now I just have to find a third job to recover from all this mess. He has profiles on a lot of sites Netlog, my space, HI5, twoo and these are only the ones I know of.
He is very convincing and doesn't care how his deceit affects your life and what financial mess he leaves you in.

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  1. Update on Blackplanet dating, I have been back on this site for just over a week now and with a lot more knowledge than ever before, since all this has happened I have learned how to trace email addresses and after getting anyone to contact me via my personal email address I have traced all the following profiles back to Nigeria

    Tolu23tx -
    Kingsheart04 - (traced to Malaysia)
    Ghloy68 -
    Fl_jacob -
    mytruelover -
    lifepartner111 -
    frank473 -
    stevenhearted -
    jeffev - or
    Pauloo4u -
    Mark505 -
    Ray656516 -
    Wavingflag45 -

    AND this wasn't everyone that contacted me, it would is becoming more and more obvious everyday that there would only be a very small amount of genuine people on this site. I'm yet to meet one.
    It seems love is dead and money is the only thing people seek.
    What has happen to the world?



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