Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gerald Daniels scammer on ChristianMingle

I have been the recent victim of a scam from a gentleman I met on I lost over $16K of savings and now would like to warn others of his actions and get his pictures posted so that other women will be warned to stay away from this man.
He is very clever and computer savvy. In addition, he may be working with someone posing as his daughter Giovanni Daniels, along with using other email addresses to trap other women.
He was recently reported on 8/6 to christianmingle so he is not only working on me but other women. Fortunately he has now been banned and they are currently aware of his activities.
I can give you more details of our relationship (and have documentation of our conversations) but this guy needs to be stopped!!!

When I spoke to Christianmingle Monday night the 29th they were symathetic and did tell me this guy had been banned as of 8/6 when a report came in as fraud. Fortunately the young man I spoke with last night Tuesday the 30th disclosed further information on Gerald Daniels - they had the gedanie email along with the 415 phone number and the San Bernardino address which is actually just an apartment building.
His other alias is:
Gerald Daniels is also Mark Lee
email address is:
I have also attached a summary of some of the conversations I had with this guy (over 500) to give you a sense of how he wooed me.
I have filed a police report, been in contact with the FBI, filed a IC3 Internet Fraud Report, FTC and WU to warn them as well.
I really believe he is Nigerian and working out of London and does not have a daughter named Gio who attends the University of Liverpool like he said.
His email he uses is:
His "daughter's is:
I have also sent their IP address to Yahoo for investigation
Please let's get the word out so that other women will not fall for this scam.
I have plenty more documentation I can provide (he sent me 3 poems a day for weeks) plus emails from his "daughter.
I have been greatly traumatized and do not want anyone else to go through this.

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  1. Hi,nice one .......keep up the good work.i also wrote about their operation on my blog
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