Thursday, October 27, 2011

Letter From a Reader -- Iraq Gold Scam

Hi,   I signed up for  a membership on "".  Big Mistake!  While on this site,
I met an American solider by the name of Brian Gair.
He was a major, and from Maryland, so he said. He was stationed in Iraq.
When he would email me, his word choice and sentence usage made me believe that he
was actually from some country in Europe. We viewed each other on a webcam.
He told me that he loved me. Later, he told me that he and some of his buddies had
found some hidden gold and money. He needed my help to get it out of the country.
All I had to do was to contact the special UN courier that would be delivering
the package to me. I needed to provide my name, address, etc and a copy of the
front page of my passport to this man, who was Arabic. Needless to say, I did not
do this. I told Brian that I felt uncomfortable doing this. I also told him that
I wanted to date someone closer to home. This broke my heart. I really liked him
and I miss chatting with him. I know I will never meet anyone with whom I felt so
comfortable with. But, I could not trust him. Did I do the right thing? I felt
in my heart that this was a scam or something illegal that I did not want to get
involved with. was I right?

The answer to your question is YES, you did the right thing, and YES this was a
Major scam and a total lie. Try not to miss him or dwell on this, all of your
was done as an effort to get you to like him and trust him, so he could
hurt you financially.
No point in missing someone who had no real feelings for you.

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