Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lonnie Adams / Jimmy Adams - A Scammer in Illinois

Lonnie Adams aka Jimmy Adams

Lonnie Adams is not a Nigerian scammer. As a matter of fact, he is right here in the United States in Illinois.
Lonnie Adams got into trouble a while back with the law in Florida, and rather than go to court, he fled to Mexico. While in Mexico (the Cancun area) he decided to "set up shop". He would put up profiles on dating sites and wait for his victims to come to him. They did, unfortunately. He puts on his profiles that he is looking for a serious relationship, but what he really wants is for you to pay his bills. In Mexico Lonnie Adams did not hold down a job, his victims paid his way. He would start out romantic at first, tell the women to come visit him in Cancun Mexico, and little did they know the place they stayed at (allegedly his) was actually paid for by another woman. He would have one woman paying his rent, another paying for his food, etc. Lonnie Adams would then start his shtick of how he wanted to have a motorcycle business and would give tours to tourists. Did he have the money to start this business? No. That was for some helpless female to pay. He didn't want to work for his own money, he wanted to scam for someone elses. He had numerous women coming and going to Mexico to visit him at the same time. One would leave Mexico and another victim would be on their way to see him. He never told them about each other, and gave them the impression that is was just the two of them. He would ask them for money for his rent, utilities, food, all while going to "meetings" (yeah right) and trying to get financing for his business (yeah right) from investors. He is not the best of con artists, because it seems he cannot behave himself and actually treat someone nice for more that 24 hours. When Lonnie Adams would get money from women, if it was not enough, he actually had the nerve to yell at them for not sending him more. He would tell these women they should quit their jobs, sell their houses, and move to Mexico to live with him. He wanted their money, not them, and had no intention of living with them. Can you imagine how evil you have to be to tell someone to quit their job and sell their home to move to another country with you knowing full well you have no intention of going through with it? Well, meet evil personified. Lonnie would actually tell numerous women to do this at the same time! Cancun, Mexico was like a safe haven for this guy. He figured there was no way these women could do anything after they were scammed, because he was safe in Mexico and they could not convict him of any crime. Well, Lonnie Adams forgot about one thing. When he fled from Florida to Mexico to avoid trial, he used someone elses passport. He was using the name Jimmy Adams. The US Marshalls came and got him and brought him back to Florida in shackles. He went to prison for a few years, but is now out. Since his probation is over, it seems Lonnie / Jimmy Adams is back at it again, trolling the internet dating sites. Now he is telling women he was a businessman who is so rich he does not need to work. He is in Chicago, Illinois, and now is telling women on the dating sites he only came there from Mexico to take care of his sick mother. (He doesn't mention the US Marshalls or being incarcerated lol) One would think he is finding it more difficult to do this here in the US because he can be found and he can get into trouble much easier than when he was in Mexico. Also, it was one thing to not have a drivers license in Mexico or a car.......but when you are over 45 and living in Chicago? Most women would wonder why such a "rich" man doesn't have a vehicle or drivers license. That, plus living with his mother = loser in most women's eyes. If he was so well off why isn't his mother living with him in his house? Why doesn't she have a full time nurse? Since Lonnie Adams can no longer use the bike business idea of getting women to invest, his latest shtick revolves around stem cells. His "idea" is to go after pro athletes and organize a surgery for them, their flight, and hotel rooms. Like pro athletes don't have a staff to do this? These rich athletes couldn't put that together with their own doctor? Of course they can. And pro athletes would do a background check before they handed over money to some stranger, and they would find out he has a criminal record. If you happen to come in contact with a guy named Jimmy or Lonnie Adams on a dating website (or anywhere) run for the hills. He will send you pictures of his bodybuilding glory days, spin his lies about how wealthy he is, his business ideas, and his time in Mexico, his clothing businesses etc. If you think you have come in contact with him we would love to hear from you. Lonnie Adams likes to quote the bible and refrigerator magnet-type sayings to sound spiritual. This guy does not even possess a conscience and obviously has no fear of karma.
He likes to talk about his glory days of bodybuilding, fitness, and put down as his occupation recently : health. (Obviously not mental health)The pictures are not photoshopped, he really is that short and has really short legs. Since he does not hold down a full time job (God forbid) Lonnie Adams tends to use free internet dating sites like (he is on there at the time of this posting)
His email addresses tend to have his name in it and usually a reference to Mexico, sports, etc. For example: and

Here is a link to where he was deported:


  1. Lonnie adams is currently living in Illinois.

  2. Lonnie Adams, Jimmy Adams, whatever he is calling himself is up to his old tricks again

  3. I'm ashamed to admit I was Married to this loser over 20 years ago and I can tell you (from experience) that time hasn't changed this coward at all, based on what I've just read. Lonnie was physically and psychologically abusive. I have not seen nor spoken to him since I escaped his abuse. He was extremely charming until I was in his clutches at which point his true colors burst through. My final encounter with Lonnie Adams began with him sobbing and apologizing again for his abusive behavior. I agreed to meet with him one last time and hopefully to retrieve my dog he was holding as leverage to get to me, it worked. I drove to his home in Bell Canyon, CA. He managed to get me in his truck to take a drive so we could "talk", I foolishly complied. Lonnie drove well into the night to an area he called "The Top of Azusa". It was a very long and winding road that ended at a recent land slide. At gun point he ordered me into the back of his truck and instructed me to remove all my clothing, I did. I don't remember much about the night other than the barrel of the gun pressed into my back and praying to be killed rather than injured and left for dead in the elements. I don't know why he didn't kill me (possible because I followed his orders obediently)but as the sun rose I was allowed to dress and get back into the cab of his truck. He seemed to wallow in my terror of him and in his total control over me. After a horrifying day that seemed like years, he took me back to his home. I escaped with my life only after I convinced him that I would return after I retrieve some personal items from my family's home where I'd been staying. He agreed and I never looked back. Stay away from this monster!!!

  4. PLEASE get in touch with the owners of this blog and website via private email if you have had any past or current contact with this monster. He is currently working at a gym / spa in Hawaii and up to his same old tricks.

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  6. Shiloh Rusk and Lonnie Adams are dating and working at the UFC GYM in Honolulu and the ISLAND CLUB AND SPA..

    1. What happened to Ailena Eddins? That was who he was dating.

    2. these losers DO NOT work for the UFC GYM. never have and never will.

  7. Lonnie Adams is a con artist! He conned me for large amounts of money in Cancun
    and even tried to keep stringing me along with his superior acting skills (believe me he can be quite convincing & really can screw up a person's emotions) Adams is playing a very dangerous game with women's lives & to him it's all just a joke! He is a scammer & deserves to be locked up for hurting so many women with his lies (& financial theft) I hope one day he will get what is coming to him. Karma is a bitch & I find it strange that he has moved to Oahu ...being as I lived there for a couple of years and he pumped me for info and details about my time spent there. His mindset is a con from the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to bed. How to lie, cheat, steal and manipulate women. He actually is quite stupid, uneducated & unintelligent. He tries to cover this with elaborate stories and experiences that never transpired. I think he lies so much he even believes his own lies! Beware beautiful ladies, this piece of shit low class BUM will say or do anything to get into your bank account. So sad for a guy with such a small penis and no clue how to use it. One day, the tides shall turn and this lowlife will get what he deserves! And, I hope it's one day soon so he doesn't destroy any more girls lives, finances and hearts.

    This is the correct link to his deportation from Mexico to the United States

  9. i know this fuck, use to ride bikes with himm ,back in chicago!
    1983,84,85. what a sack of shit!!! now my num nut brother is
    going too c this guy in hawaii, wonder if he knows bout his

  10. It is ironic that Lonnie is living on O'ahu where 99% of my family (Ka'auwai blood) are from. This man is a leach who has left a wake of financial, physical, and emotional damage to so many.The bad karma awaiting this pig is equivalent to a large scale tsunami.



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