Friday, October 21, 2011

More on Gerald

I had not heard from Gerald for 5 days now and decided to look him up on the internet as a scammer and saw your article on him.

He has scammed me too from Christian alias “divineloving” from mid-July up until this past Friday, Sept 30th. He has 15K of my money sent through Western Union (I still have the receipts and MTCN #s) to assist him buy fiber optic cables for a iZZinet company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which they had paid him some 520K for the job in the USA but he had to pay income tax before leaving Malaysia and he was held by customs before coming back to USA (copy of ticket included, payment services check and Ministry of finance letter/bill attached). I also saw Giovanni Daniels during an IM conversation on He had phone numbers for a Nigerian cell phone saying the company gave the phone to him because it would be cheaper to make phone calls from it (I did not suspect because iZZinet has a company in Africa but my phone company had called to warn me about money scams with Nigerian phone numbers as that one he had, I even told him about it….he managed to “drop them off the roof of iZZinet when he was adjusting their satellite dishes”—how convenient!). That’s the story in a nutshell….I have all of his emails and IM from him as well.

I would like to get the FBI and Western Union after him too and would like assistance on how to do that—I would think he should be charged with Grand Theft and Extortion at the very least!


  1. I am the first victim of Gerald Daniels and I posted my article a few weeks earlier...would love to get in touch with the person who wrote this...I am still paying off debt from him almost a year later

  2. would love to get in touch with anyone else besides myself and another women who was "dealing with Gerald Daniels" around the same time as me (July thru end of Aug 2011)...I believe he is Nigerian living in or around Liverpool/Mercyside England.. and the Giovanni Daniels is one of his accomplices....still paying off debt...



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