Saturday, September 24, 2011

When in Doubt... Check them Out!

Dating is a risky business. You are letting yourself become vulnerable and giving your heart away to someone else. Are they worth the risk? Is there a way to minimize that risk? Are you having any doubts or nagging suspicions? Is your intuition nudging you and telling you to be careful, something may not be right?
Instant Background Check

When in doubt, check them out!
There are many sites, that for a small fee, will help you check them out and make sure their stories are true.

Are they telling you they are single? Divorced? Have no criminal background? Why not make sure before you give your heart away? If you are going to invest time, energy and your feelings into someone why not make sure that someone is telling you the truth? of course we don't want to think they would lie. Of course we don't want to think we don't trust them enough and had them checked out. We may be afraid that if they find out, they will leave us.

Stop worrying about what they make think of you. If you were going to invest in a home, car, or anything else you would do your research. You would make sure you were not getting scammed or lied to. Do the same with your budding relationship before you jump in with both feet.

Internet dating has it's own challenges. People can claim anything and it may be hard for you to uncover the truth and you have to take them at their word. Sure, they say nice things and you feel a connection between you, but shouldn't you make sure they are who they say they are? Some internet romances may involve requests for money. How can you consider sending someone money but wont spend a small fee to find out if they are who they say they are? Look them up.

If there is no "joe blow" living in (insert town he said he lived in) that has no child named (insert name) you will have to face the reality that they are lying to you. If they said they are single but are showing up as married and NOT divorced, same thing. Don't you owe it to yourself to find out the truth? You owe more to yourself than this new person who entered your life. Play it smart, and lessen the risk of getting played.

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  1. Absolutely right! Online dating is really a great risk! So if you want to have a successful partner in life make sure to check their background first. We all know that nowadays, scammers are also increasing so better secure yourself now!



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