Monday, September 12, 2011

Thomas Mario Metwally Nigerian Scammer

Thank you for your site! I almost made the biggest mistake of my life. I met this guy on Yahoo messenger - Thomas Mario Metwally - 52 (said he was 49) who know for real - had a son - a CIVIL ENGINEER. He is in Lagos, Nigeria working on a construction contract. He is from Milan Italy, got a visa to the US for 5 years about to expire. Anyway, he was like the answer to my dreams, loving words, wanted to take care of me, had money, wanted to come to Canada, wanted me to help him invest his money, told me how he envisioned our wedding, that he wanted to take me to Paris, France for a honeymoon. I was hooked - totally blown away. He told me about his son and how his wife had died of breast cancer - he had been married 18 years etc.. He told me that on August 16th it was his son's Ben birthday and I shared how I always made birthdays special and ask what he was getting Ben for his birthday. He made it out that he had nothing planned and didn't know what Ben wanted. Why didn't I ask Ben? So we arranged to have Ben on line the next day so I could talk to him. Who knows who I was talking to. Anyway, Ben wanted a notebook computer. I thought it strange that if his father was wealthy why didn't he have one already, but I let it go, so I mentioned it to Thomas. He suggested we go have on it and that he could pay for the whole thing since he had invested all his money in the project and had very little spending money. So I sent him $500. And this is where it started. I had revealed all the bad relationships I had had, that I was independant and a business person, which I am. Which is why when he started telling me about the problem he was having financing the project, I started asking lots of questions. He didn't like this. I even raised the question of him being a scammer since I've heard of them happening and I had started to look things up on the net. I couldn't understand with a construction contract with the government that they would only give you 60% of the money up front and expect the contractor to finance the rest until the job was completed. I know here it is paid in progress payments as to completion, with 10% to 20% held back which is usually the markup. So I started asking questions again. Then he hit me up for $10,000. Well, my suspicions came up, I told him I didn't have the money which I don't, but he pleaded. When I finally said no and told him not to contact me again he said that it was okay, he found the money - he sold some properties and had found someone - a "mr. francis" to finance the rest. So I thought okay, maybe everything was okay. So I started talking to him again. Then 2 nights ago, he tells me "mr. francis" didn't come through, that now he need $15000.00. And to think I actually went to a friend - who trusts me- lied and got the money. It is beside me now, waiting to be wired.

But someone, maybe God, was looking out for me because he made a mistake. To try and show how much he loved me he was going to send me a package, what was my address. I gave it to him. Anyway, the package never arrived. Then I found a note on my mail box (I live in an apartment) that a parcel had tried to be delivered but I wasn't home. Please call this number etc. I called and was told that the flowers had gone back to the florist and the delivery company would contact them to redeliver. All yesterday I didn't hear from them. So I called them this morning, and was told that apparently it was a fraud order. Well that got me thinking and nervous again. So I went on line and found this site. The stories are so similar and the guideline you give - where if you answer yes to any of these questions - well I answered yes to almost every one. These guys are good. They really know how to play you - I was only on the dating site for 3 days and he picked me up. I'm giving up dating sites.

What I can't understand is how they get the documents to look so real. He sent me a picture of his passport, his american visa document and a copy of a Contract Award Certificate. How would the average person ever be able to tell that they're fake. So the name he used is Thomas Mario Metwally, cell # 234-812-7995227
Now of course, if he isn't a scammer, I've lost the man of my dreams.

So now, I will have to go about securing my life, changing phone numbers and emails. But at least I didn't send him the $15000.00. Thanks Again!

Check Your Mate Before You Date!

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  1. He also uses the last name Dorocha, and has changed his son name to Eric who is 12..........
    He will also ask you not to say anything to anyone. Please ladies tell these guys you have told everyone and that you run background checks.



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