Saturday, September 24, 2011

Barry Wales Again - Asking for MONEY for his Daughter Who needs surgery - of course

Barry Wales with his Daughter --- yeah right

READER: why did u buzz me
READER: if you arent going to talk
barrywales01: Sweetie am here
READER: me too
barrywales01: So what's up?
READER: as innnnnn....??
barrywales01: In helping me baby.
barrywales01: Just in case you change your mind baby and want too here is the info and you also have my cell.
READER: I admire your tenacity for working me and not giving up
READER: what info
barrywales01: The Dr's info.
barrywales01: Name: Blessed Garba

Address: 23 unity rd

City: Ikeja

State: Lagos

Country: Nigeria

Zipcode: 23401

READER: that looks like the building's name
READER: who is the physician and your daughter's full name and room number
READER: you told me you sold "stuffs" to pay for this.
READER: now u needed money for the car shipping or something
READER: i am confused
barrywales01: I only paid for more oxygen and not the sugery.
barrywales01: I don't have it yet and the dr will help me get the money so i could get the car's and makse sure everything is fixed so i can get home to you.
READER: yesss
barrywales01: So what now?
READER: I have nothing to summate at this point. I guess my writing up there was a waste of time. But I thought it was pretty clearly executed.. I also asked for some proof you live in NY... and why wouldnt you have the physician's name......
READER: I am kinda insulted about all this
READER: your accent is Nigerian
READER: first and foremost
READER: I have a pretty good idea how this came to be dumped in my lap but I can't prove it so I will keep my thoughts to myself
barrywales01: Just don your part and leave the rest to me ok.
barrywales01: I need to get to bed now.
READER: good night
barrywales01: Please don't let me down oka.
barrywales01: Kisses and Hugs.

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  1. His name is now BILL ARTHUR and his daughter Jessica...

    I have pictures as current as when he sent me them on October 20th.

    Same scam, the details are about the same. He did get $900 and that's all from me before I finally caught on.

    He used the same wording as above. I am sorry that this has happened to you as well.

  2. I have more information and pictures if you need them. I don't know how to post my contact information and I don't want my email posted on here, as I don't have the comment as: choices you have listed. Post something and I will respond. I am sincere and what this excuse for a human beging stopped. At the very least getting the word out would help so others won't become is victim. Again his name now is Bill Arthur, daughter line with yahoo is I unfornatuely deleted all contact conversations because I was so ashmed, but I will get past this.



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