Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scammer Posing as Captain Anita Kirk - to try and steal your money

A subscriber received this email from someone posing as a US Military captain - she uses very big multiple syllable words, but then writes this "My names are Anita Kirk," clearly showing that she or he, does not have command of the English language. Also the links provided a links that take you to a 'bogus' page for the BBC - just yet another way to make you think you are seeing and reading something real

Surprise and skepticism would be your natural reaction to my email.But do not, for what my emails convenes would be of mutual benefit sooner than you can imagine if ONLY you give it the attention it deserves.The internet I do wholeheartedly agree seems the most unusual medium to communicate a mutual rewarding transaction because of the nefarious activities of some unscrupulous persons, whose sole intention here is to scam others. However, this is different as the internet, sure remains obviously the only perfect medium for reaching out to you after securing your email address from your domain. considering the situation that I have found myself.
I demand a high degree of honesty and unquestionable trust for us to work thing out for good. I am an American. My names are Anita Kirk, a member of the U.S Army, assigned to USARPAC Medical team.I had been here since the onset of the war, though the war has abated because of my profession I am among the those asked to stay back Iraq.
A visit to the sites listed below, would reveal to you classified information concerning my personal experience and role serving out here in pursuit of my military career with the U.S 1st Armored Unit, which was at the fore-front of the warfare in Iraq.In directly you to visit the sites, I am mindful of certain critical information and for good reason whole prefer to hold back on these when you would have hand an insight into hat am talking about and what I want us to perfect. What I would be sharing with you after you would have acquainted yourself with the information on the listed sites would be of mutual benefit.

I would appreciate that your urgently get back to me after visiting the recommend sites,as it is bound to enhance your better understanding of the mutual proposal I intend to discuss with you.I hope I am not making a great mistake in contacting you,as I do not know if you will misconstrue it's essence or even go public by exposing the transaction. But all in all, providence has led me to you and I believe you would be mature and discreet in handling such an important matter.Note that, the essence of this message is strictly for mutual benefit between you and I and nothing more.
Your email response after visiting the listed web.sites; would trigger my confidence in you. And there would be no-holes-barred when I tell you more about how I intend for us to execute and perfect the transaction that I propose here.Do endeavor to send me the following personal detail,as it would re-enforce my zeal to carry on with you.(1). Full Names (2)Residential or contact Address (3)Occupation(4)Age .Finally,I do not need your telephone number as I cannot call or talk you.we can only communicate through email.I will await your thoughts via email.
Warmest Regards,
Capt. Anita Kirk..

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