Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nigerian Scam Vicitms Submitted Story

One of our readers sent her story of recent contact from yet another Nigerian scammer from Don't they have anything else to do over there in Nigeria? Seems like they should be growing crops or something rather than whiling away the day at the local internet cafe. Yeah OK James you are God's gift? REALLY? So if you are God's gift why the hell will you be begging money from her very shortly?


Date:Aug 12, 2009 8:10 PM

Subject:Hi pretty woman


I'm God gift. I am totally single and looking, searching through some Profiles suddenly I came across yours it Seems Very Nice to Me...Well am James by name, and I Hope you are doing Great Today and Your Day went as You have always wished...I'm Open minded,Caring,Respective,Easy going,Compassionate,Tender Loving, affectionate ,Trust Worthy ,Honest and God Fearing. Am looking forward to meet an Intelligent, Honest, Caring, and Faithful, loving Affectionate, loyal and understanding woman and I don't know maybe it's you? I was always told that beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder. Today, I can truly say if I was asked to define beauty I'd say it's you. I'm not referring to your physical beauty NO. The minute I saw your profile , It is as if God opened my soul, my spirit , my heart , my very essence of being, Just so I can truly comprehend the glory of your Inner beauty. I pray that my words are touching the depth of your heart because It’s the only way you will truly know and believe that we maybe Soul mates. If you really believe in LOVE at First Sight, if you want to have a future with a man of God who naturally knows your heart, then take my heart and let embark on a journey of bliss pleasure, companionship, friendship, growth, love, and beautiful Moments. I would like to know more about you? ...You can email me

Take good care Of your self and God Bless you,

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  1. Mike Johnson and I met in Sept 2007 and we dated on line Nine mos. Mike Johnsons is wanted for Qustioning in the Bay area For Deaf Scams and Cheating a elderly couple out of their life's saving they laugh at the Police and others who try to stop him.
    After i found out Mike Johnson was a scam artiest he had me stalked from May 2008- November 2008.
    I sent a letter to The American Embassy in Lagos but he said his organization would stop it they never got in Contact with me.
    Mike Johnson began stalking me ( his people) in March of 2009 in hopes i'd give, I had him tracked down by this Nigerian scam person saying he'll find him if agreed to pay after I got him on American soil I agree but I knew Steve Blair was a scammer, Mike Not seconds later was talking to me We talked April 22,-23-24 then he got scared. I read something on Scam baiting, and bad mouthed his organization,they checked my back ground And heard a guy say "how can any one personality be so pure another guy said " Your problem but we can handle you. Well i won the first time and again, and put honest reports on line about him and his organization, I love People but God says We must love our Enemy I just want him and his so called organization to stop their lies and come clean ontheir own Can you help me?

  2. Dear friends
    Mike Johnson began again he is in Ohio,and teaching again. They play games and lye but yet see no faults in what their doing .while here they tried to scam a priest I threaten to have the Police there waiting the call back father and said he was getting his money. so prevented them from hurting another but innocent victim



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