Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letter from Nigerian Scammer from

This is an email someone received from a Nigerian scammer on This is a very typical letter they send out to everyone. Once again notice the misspellings and lack of ability to put together complete thoughts and sentences. And they are always looking for God fearing women because they are so religious themselves and love God. They need to step away from the computers and stick to planting crops.

Aug 12, 2009 3:41 PM
Subject: Hello Pretty, How are you...

Hello Pretty, How are you doing ? I saw you on this site and wanted to introduce my self , my name is Kelly Brown and i have been in California for just 5yrs, yes i am working but not under any company, i only work based on contract , i am expecting a big contract soon. yes i live in my own home , yes i like boating but not much time for that maybe when i get to know you and we are together, i like sea food ,chiness , and MC Donal , Hummm Honest woman ? Babe i want you to know Love is the greatest of all things , if you have money and you have no love then , where is your happniess , i am not looking for a rich woman , but a woman that is rich in Love , but is good for the two partner to be there for each other always, think there is nothing bad if my partner need my help and i do it for her , love is worth dieing for and i can do anything for love , yes i like to travel as i told you that i am going to have a new experience soon , i want you to pray for me so i can get the contract. I am German,but my mom is from california, and i have been single for years now, my ex wife dumped me and get married to another man,i have a daughter that is 13 yrs old, her name is Tessy. I am ready to find a good woman and when I ran across you on the site God lead me to you. You are a beautifl woman i am sure many men hit on you. I am not looking for a woman to do everything for me, I am able to help the women. I would really like to get to know you more?. I am retiring this year and I want to settle down with a good and God feaaring woman. I do have enough money to take care of me and her for the rest of my life. I think you are very smart looking and fun to be with. please write me back if you interested in me?. I will be happy to read from you .. my IM ID is kelly_brown980 Kelly


  1. hello I been almost scammed by this person also, he also sent me a letter on tagged and sent me this email he is using the same email addy that is posted here. and a daugher name tess, I also have letters from him, One saying he needs help getting packages out that contain money,

  2. yes me too and he says he is german but lives in california and is working in africa and has a son that is dying and needs money for the blood.He says they were robbed on the way to the job site and his son and him were hit over the head and he lost all of his blood. i told him that i dont have any money and he used all kinds of emotional blackmail for me to send him the money.This is the lowest of the low because they really get to your heart and it really hurts. he had promised me marriage and everything when he got home. its very heartbreaking.he used all kinds of things to try to get me to send him money including even calling me on my phone and telling me that he is who he says he is.what liars they are. i hope this helps someone.

  3. Another thomas peterson scam in OKCupid. Claims he is from campbell california 38 years old working as as project superintendent in Pretoria. Email add is



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