Friday, August 7, 2009

Internet Dating Gone Wrong Story #3

This was the biggest nightmare for me. I met someone through a personal ad they placed on the internet. He said he lived about 20 min away from me, but right now he was on business at another location far away and would be back when the project was completed. We im'd each other everyday, emailed several times a week, and his sense of humor was great, he really seemed mature, just unlucky in love and that's why he hadn't found the right girl yet. We spoke briefly by phone, but since he was out of the country it would have been way too expensive, so we kept it mostly online. Four months had passed, he still wasn't home because the project wasn't completed (he expressed his frustration) and I was dying to meet him. He sent me romantic letters, wanted to read the poetry I wrote, and seemed really excited about meeting me too! One day I sent him an email and it came back as "blocked". I almost died! I couldn't think of anything I did wrong, and was totally flipping out! Why would he block my emails all of a sudden? I went through some of the other emails in my inbox and opened one from an email address I didn't recognize, and it was from his PARENTS-seems he was 17, they were livid, and I was told to stay way from him from now on!

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  1. omg, omg Either he was a very mature 17 year old or .....



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