Friday, August 7, 2009

Could You Fall Victim to a Con Artist? Part 2

Con Artist Red Flag 6:
Promises - you make them and must keep them or else, yet they always break them.
If you are constantly forgiving them for not coming through with their promises, you have shown the con artist what they can get away with, and believe me, it will escalate, and escalate. But if YOU don't keep YOUR promises, you are in BIG trouble with the con artist!! If you are always being forgiving (and they are the ones always screwing up) but they are sooo unforgiving when YOU "supposedly" screw up take a step back, and ask yourself "Why do they always expect ME to be understanding when THEY never are!" This is not healthy, and is not a part of a good relationship.

Con Artist Red Flag 7:
Selective Amnesia and other tricks of the con artist
Notice how when you bring up promises the con artist made to you they deny having ever said it or have forgotten they have said it? This is the con artists version of "selective amnesia", where they hold you to every thing you have said, but when you call them out for what they said, or promised you, they have "forgotten", or you misinterpreted them, or misunderstood. No you didn't. It is their manipulation of their words, they can take them back at any time, change them, however you cannot.

Speaking of words, another word game of the con artist is to promise but never deliver. Keep the victim on the string by promising them or talking about what will happen "someday". (Someday is never going to come, by the way.) You have heard it all, but what have they DONE? What have you really SEEN? Anything? If their words say one thing, and their actions another, you are being conned. People seem to feel words are more important than actions, when in actuality, it is the REVERSE. And, if the actions and words don't MATCH, then the WORDS are LIES. If they tell you they love you, do their actions show it? No? Then they don't love you. If all the promises they make and plans they make are for the future, not NOW, the reality is you have NOTHING now. You get so caught up in what is going to happen "someday" that you don't focus on what is happening TODAY, and that's how they string you along with such ease, and you are like the hamster on the wheel, never getting anywhere.

Con Artist Red Flag 8:
The con artists version of "proving your love"
If the con artist is implying that by not investing money, letting them use your credit card, loaning them money, buying them gifts, footing a bill, that you don't love them, ask yourself this question: Would every member of your family or all of your good friends loan you money, invest with you, foot your bills, etc? No? Does that mean your friends and family don't love you? NO. And since this con artist has a family of his OWN and friends of their OWN why is it always YOU bailing them out? With everything you have done for them, said to them, etc already, why doesn't any of THAT prove you love them? Why must YOU continually prove YOUR love?

Con Artist Red Flag 9:
The military career, the government job with the C.I.A, F.B.I., or undercover police officer, etc
I am not saying that ALL internet daters cannot legitimately work any of those jobs, but way to many con artists use these lines of work to avoid answering your questions, keep from meeting you, hold them unaccountable if they don't call/write/show up, and afford them the luxury of an excuse for just about anything. Please, use your head, an undercover police officer cannot tell their FAMILY and FRIENDS but they are going to tell YOU, someone on the internet that they don't KNOW? Get real.

How many of you has heard of someone talking to an employee of the F.B.I that is awaiting "clearance" so they can meet in person or meet them at work? We have heard this so many times, and wonder how people can believe this! You really think an F.B.I. employee is going to ask his bosses to check into someone they met on the internet so they can meet them or meet them at work? Gee, that could be a great career move, don't you think? Use your head!

Con Artist Red Flag 10:
They would be rich/successful/or not in trouble if.....
Here is the "woe is me" part of their script. There is always someone that "supposedly" screwed the con artist over. (actually, they may give NUMEROUS examples of being screwed over) This is because they do not accept responsibility for anything and blame someone else, and also to illicit sympathy from the victim.

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