Friday, August 7, 2009

Could You Fall Victim to a Con Artist? Part 1

Con Artist Red Flag 1:
Con artists have many friends and family members but you never seem to meet them
Con artists know that to be effective they have to hide their past. They are smart enough to know that if they come across as "loners", this may raise a red flag with their next victim. They will often go into great detail describing their friends, family members, co-workers, and experiences they had together. In a way, this makes them (the friends and family) "witnesses" to the lies they are telling you, and give the victim of the con artist a false sense of security. They wouldn't lie about their experiences or who they are if you can easily verify their lie by speaking with their friends and family and associates, right? Wrong. You will NEVER meet these people!

Con Artist Red Flag 2:
Con Artists know that you won't give your money to someone that has none of their own so they brag about how much money they have, or will soon have.
The con artist will try to show you how intelligent they are, make you believe they have an education that they don't, have a career and experience that they don't, and have money that they don't. They then, after convincing you of these things, ask you to pick up a tab (of course they will pay you back, they have the money, it is just tied up right now), invite you to join them in a money-making opportunity (they know what they are doing, they are successful, right?) and present it as if you would be a fool to not take this opportunity.

If you are going to be a couple, you have to have trust them, right? They make you feel that if you don't trust them and do what they ask, the relationship is doomed, and it will be YOUR fault because you didn't trust them. They also want to create the illusion that they are always busy, because they have so many things going on, because then it won't seem so strange to the victim that the con artist isn't available to talk, email, phone, or meet. The only thing they are really busy with is another con, involving another VICTIM, who is being told the same things you are.

Con Artist Red Flag 3:
Con Artists make you feel bad or guilty for questioning them.
There is a big difference between making a decision with your head or your heart. They are smart enough to know that if they win your heart, you money will be a piece of cake to snatch from you. The problem with most people is once they have given their heart, they make all decisions following that with their heart, not their head. Always remember money is a BUSINESS decision and must be made with your HEAD.

The nanosecond money is discussed, a background check should be the first investigate tool you use. The con man knows that most people feel guilty or "bad" for doing such things, and count on you not to do it for that reason. There is no harm in verifying the information being given to you, especially where money is concerned. You have a RIGHT to have that information. If you are considering "investing" financially (or with your heart) in a relationship, invest in a background check as well.

Con Artist Red Flag 4:
Inconsistency At the beginning the con artist will come on strong.
They will try to achieve a "fast sell" very quickly. They will talk for hours on the phone, email you constantly, chat with you on the computer, have kind words and compliments and "warm and fuzzies" by the bucketload. As you get closer to giving them what they want, they will pull back on that behavior. First of all it wasn't genuine in the first place, but the con artist knows that by pulling away and being inconsistent they will make you begin to feel insecure, and this would make you more likely to give them what they want! They take the stance of "I have done everything in my power to show you I am genuine, now it is YOUR turn to step up to the plate". In actuality, what DID they really DO??? Nothing, they just talked the talk. It's what they are good at, not how they REALLY feel about you.

When you catch a con artist in a lie he will get VERY angry with you and turn the tables on you. It is not YOU that is allowed to be mad at THEM for lying, it is THEM that are mad at YOU for questioning them. (THIS IS A HUGE RED FLAG) They will also make you all these promises for the future, of how they are going to take care of you, help you, marry you, etc, yet when you bring these things up further down the line they will DENY having ever even SAID it.

Con Artist Red Flag 5:
You are keeping information or lying to friends and family.
If this person IS such a wonderful person, why can't you tell people the truth about them? Because they would get mad? Yes, they would, because they REALLY DO love you and don't want you hurt. If you ever have to hide your relationship or details about it from those who have PROVEN to be trusted, you are actually HELPING the con artist to succeed! The best and easiest way to con is to separate the victim from friends and family that would HELP them, or WARN them. You should be able to tell the truth about your relationship, and if you cannot, it is because you are being conned, taken advantage of, and mistreated. It is time to face the facts.
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Background Report

Background Report


  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. It didn’t take me very long to realize that everything in this blog sounds so familiar. My last girlfriend, who I just happen to meet online, was one of these types. I trusted her every word and even believed all the lies that she told me. It didn’t take her long to run off with someone else after she was finished using me. She even went as far as to file an order of protection against me so I couldn’t confront her. There is nothing like being blinded by love when someone is taking advantage of you

  3. i never thought i would be contacted by them. and to think that that person asked me for money on the 3rd day of chatting

  4. Aytone know of a "MIke" from "Atlanta, GA" says he's working in "England" and says he's an Architect (self-employed). My neighbor is getting conned by him- anyone else have a similiar story? She plans to visit him in England, we are trying to stop her! He claims he's 60 and she is 74!

  5. Anyone run into a man named Lawrence Gallo, claims to be a successful businessman, NYC. Lies about his past and will take money from you.

  6. Lawence preys on women he meets on-line, he says he is mafia affiliated and has been charged with a felony from the SEC. he claimes to have worked for Lehman brothers in the past. Creating the image that he once had millions and is working hard to this back.he has worked hard to take on the identity of these people. Ladies please be careful he will con you do not give him your money.

  7. Beware of a con man on a dating site, he calls himself "Stevie Luv." he betrays himself as a businessman and an entrepreneur who stands to inherit millions from his father who passed away. He even has a so-called sister who plays along with it. Hwe will rob you blind!!!!

  8. I encourage readers that if they have a scammer to report to send it to us via email so we can post it to the site rather than just leave it as a comment. We can also post any photos and other information you may have. (Comments do not let you do that.) Your info will reach more people that way, and more people will be warned before they too are scammed.

  9. I as you met a guy too good to be ture. So, decided to do research on on-line dating con artist. Reading these stories was like re-living my own experience.
    I came across the guy on, profile: cutelonelyromano. Goes by the name of Daniel Romano. We moved the communication to regular email due him leaving to Scottland on business. I must say, I was very impressed with his emails. He is a very articulate, eloquent, and educated writer. After a few weeks he began confessing his love. Of course I was elated, who wouldn't be, right. I did get the roses, 3 dozens to be exact. And of course he was a widower with a five year daughter named Isabella. Upon my request, he emailed picutres of the handsome guy and an adorable little girl. (I want to meet the guy in the picture...LOL..just kidding) And yes, he worked on an oil rig. And yes, he was coming to visit and asked if I could get him from the airport. Yup, you guessed it, he had a UK number +444. When he finally called I could not get passed his accent. As he did not sound Italian or Scottish, which he was claiming to be. He sounded Aferican...hummm. My biggest red flag. Then about a month of cooresponding these endearing and amazing emails, an accident happen on the job site and he was fined 100K. Yes, you guess it, he asked for $$$, not much (2K). Poor guy, he tired everything, from asking me to take from my credit card and asking to borrow money from my family. Are you ready for this one, he asked I take a bank loan. Finally I said, what would you say your sister if she asked should she loan a guy she never met before money. Later I received a very apologetic and loving email. The emails have ceased. Ladies beware, no man is worth your hard earned money. If you want to give your money away, donate to charity. If you are lonely volunteer or get a pet. Don't be a victim.



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