Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jenna Gabriel - Actually Wrote to Us HERE on DOID to Scam us

From: Jenna Gabriel
To: cyberdatedanger
Sent: Tue, Feb 15, 2011 8:44 am
Subject: How are you

Hello dear,
Thank you for your message,i'm glad to hear from you. How are you,hope all is fine? I think you are the type of man i want in my life that is why i write you. I want someone who is nice and knows how to treat and take care of woman.

Well,as a young girl i am looking for a good friend and a man who is ready to love and be loved,a man who does not take advantage of women and a man who can be trusted,it does not matter where he comes from, nor race,as long as thier is understanding and love. I am a humble and gentle girl,i am very caring and i am the type who will do everything possible to make my man happy so that the love which we shall have will be a lasting one.

My name's are Jenna Gabriel,i am 24years old,from Liberia and a British citizen.. I do not smoke,i do not drink and i eat healthy food. I have no other person,since i have lost both my father and mother sometime ago during conflit in my country Liberia,i live in Dakar-senegal now. i have concluded my secondary education.
For now i am not doing anything yet. But i hope to continue my education soon,because i want to read further .My hobbies are swimming,listening to good music,cool music, i like reading book . i am a truthful and well brought up girl from a good family. when my parents were alive,they thought me so many good things and even now they are no more i have seen the importance of getting a good upbringing. I believe life is about to learn every day.

No one is perfect and so i do not expect perfection from you or any one..I want to find someone to share happiness with me. well,not only happiness because life is not pink,but share difficult times too and make them easier with love and understanding. i hope that person is you..I am looking forward to better days ahead as i feel this is the start of a great relationship.

This is all i can say about me for now,as time goes on and as we become more closer,i will tell you more about me and we can share more personal secrets with each other. I believe that distance does not matter in relationship,but love and understanding.
I send my photo with this message,hope you will like it.

Please tell me more about yourself in your next message and send me your photo on my email.
I am eagerly waiting to hear from you..

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