Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rachel James Hospital Bill and Doctor's Letter

Here is a copy of the letter the doctor for Rachel James sent to our reader as well as a copy of the hospital bill, conveniently in US dollars.

Good day to you sir,I am Dr. Ayo Ade of Jordan Hospital Lagos Nigeria.This letter might come to you as a surprise,but i want you to be calm and relax... Read this letter with utmost urgency and attention and act swift.I will like to bring to your notice that one Miss Rachael James is in our critical rescue ward.

Miss Rachael James was rushed down to our hospital.I learn from her helpers that Miss Rachael James was actually on her way to catch a flight at the Muritala international airport,passerby who rushed her down here gave a vivid report of what happened to her.They told us that she got down from a taxi cab she was trying to cross the road to the other side in order to catch an Airport terminal bus.She was knocked down by a hit and run vehicle and her leg was critically broken.She went into a comma...

She was immediately rushed down to our hospital by sympathizers and good Samaritans and passerby,she was brought along with her traveling bags and other valuables.We did not waste time in given her a first aids treatment just to bring her back to life and stop the blood flowing from her leg.

We needed someone to stand in for her as her next of kin and i decided to search through her bag.I saw a new diary,I actually went through the contents and saw two contacts.She also wrote a lot about one of the contacts which she refereed to as her fiance and husband to be..The other one was one Barrister Andrew Brown.I saw telephones numbers of both contacts and also email addresses.I decided to get in touch with you through email,because i believe you will be the one close to her.

Mr Floyd Hopkins,i will like you to know that your fiance or is it wife is in a very terrible situation..She is in a critical condition and needs urgent medical attention to help her in the next 48hrs.I tried to bring her back to life and also stop the bleeding in her leg,but i will like you to know that they are so many other complication to this issue.I will like you to know that her leg has been badly damaged and if we do not perform an intensive medial surgery on her..She might loose her legs,because she will not be able to take the pain and anguish again and her leg will have to be amputated.

I know deep in your heart, you will not want this kind of ordeal to happen to someone close to you.I want you to act fast and get back to me,so that we can talk.I want you to be rest assured that she is on safe hands and she will be ok if you listen to me Mr Floyd.She is really in pains and all she has been calling and shouting all day is that she wants to talk to Floyd..She keeps saying she wants to talk to him,because she is really weak and i do not advice her to talk.But if you will like to talk to her,We can arrange a lap top for her...But she will not be able to talk much.Kindly reply me as soon as you read this mail.Thanks.

Dr Ade.

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