Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Female Nigerian Scammer Rachel James


Rachael 11 Daily Shomulu Lagos. After selling my life away to send to

Nigeria for my bride to come home to me in the US she got a hit and run at the

airport that left her in the hands of Dr.Ayo who found my e-mail address in Rachaels belongings and contacted me as soon as I got to the airport to get
Rachael and said she was in critical condition and needs bill payed to save her life.
6500dollars this is after I lost all and sent 7000.dollars so she could get home.
This is recent,december 1st and the doctor now expects me to send to save Rachaels life monday the 7th.
I can't I don't have it and I want them arrested but don't know how.   
Please help me and I will donate to your cause when I finally pay my bills
I've neglected through
my ignorance in getting taken. They need to be put away.
Jordan.hospital@doctor.com. rachael@yahoo.com.

Dr.Ayo #+2347066047303. Rachael#+2348084785283.

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  1. I believe I was contacted by Marine Capt. Wilson James on facebook.It started his mother was in South Africa with his daughter.He wanted to buy her a ragdoll cat $1700.I explained I had no money because I was recently scammed by my X.The asking for money did not stop as well as the flirting and sweet name calling.So, as baby boo and sweetie queen I said I had sent gift and immediatly "he" wanted tracking number, then asked if I would be able to loan him $100.I had googled his name and did not find Marine Captain, it wasnt until I googled Raechel James Scammer ( I was told that was his mother )that I found out more info an saw Wilsons picture there.



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