Monday, December 20, 2010

Rachel James Dr Writes to Our Reader!!!!

WOW - our reader needs to hurry and send the $$$ or Rachel will 'die' and come on folks, is this really how 'doctors' communicate?

Good Morning Sir ,

What is the meaning of this and what is my business in that , They brought her here, So is a crime to assist a human being like me , Am trying to help you and you are trying to hurt me.. This life is so wicked, I can't understand what you saying, Is like you are telling me rubbish now because before i start the treatment you did not said you will act like this and you don't even fulfill your promise, You promise to send the commitment fund but you did not, You want me to regret that i assist you , But i want you to know that we haven't treat her finish , I know that you will react abnormal that is why i treat her just to safe for 5days and if you did not pay the commitment fees before 5days she will die.

Best Regard

Dr Ade
Be Informed.  Know the Facts.


  1. Please help us to add this Scammer in your Blog to spread awareness.
    We found this scammer doing his scam job from a place call Kuching in Malaysia. Recent years we've receive many scam reports from this part of the world. After a few research we found that The Malaysian government opened their door to let all these Nigerian/African students to go in for study. But for some of them, they use the student visa and hide behind computer screen to do 419/romance scamming online. They also scam local women from blackmailing with sex video/nude pic/fake marriage...etc

  2. Hi there.. If you can provide more info on this scammer we will definitely publish it, but we need emails etc from someone he has tried to scam.. hopefully we will get it soon!



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