Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Scammer Rachel James HAS A FRIEND That Wants Money Too!!

And if that was not enough, that Rachel scammed a reader out of money, she came back and had her 'friend' email him asking for money...and was then dumb enough to sign her own name to it. Her email address is; jamiewayne2012@yahoo.com

This is the first email JAMIE sent:
Floyd i am more than disappointed in you cos u never listened to me when i was
telling you that the Rachael was a scammer but u wanted to satisfy ur conciense
because u never believed me and now you are trying to blame me for your
lost,Floyd will u help me or not, I swear to God almighty that i will refund
back your money to you i promise let me know how much u can help me with cos i
really need ur help right now i am in a big mess and i promise to visit u as
soon as i get back to the state,pls let me know if u will help me or not.

So what are you saying that i am not real and wasn't i the same person who let
you know that the so called Rachael is a scammer? and besides there is no way i
am allowed to leave here without paying the balance of the shipping cost and if
you want to help me you help and i will pay you back but if you feel i am not
real then forget it cos i can't imagine myself begging you for money and you
have the guts to tell me i am not real,why can't you just give someone the
benefit of doubt before calling someone names i am really disppointed in you to
have such thought in mind over me anyway such is life take care of yourself and

Hi xxxx and how is everything around you? its good to know that you finally found out that jamie is a scammer i told you and you never believed me so i had to let you be anyway about the thieves the police are investigating actually the company i work for do not have insurance for theft overseas simply because is a private company,and i have be stuck her for the past 2weeks its gonna be 3weeks on wednesday and what i am short of now is $1,175 and i will like to know what you can be able to help me with cos i am really down here untill i get back to the state and i promise to pay you back as soon as i get back to the state,and i am really sorry for the late reply its because i dont have a laptop here anymore since it has been stolen by the armrobbers so i only can talk to you if i use the library,i will be waiting to read from you as soon as possible.

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