Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mike - Nigerian Scammer -Does This Sound Familiar?

A reader sent us this email to warn others. If any of this sounds familiar to any of you, you are dealing with a Nigerian scammer. Here is the email:
I don't know if any of you have heard from a so-called import/exporter of German auto parts. He calls himself Mike or Michael. He first sends you a questionaire asking for you to answer about all of your likes and dislikes. Then he starts sending email - passionate love letters that he finds on a love letters website. Tonight he messaged me that he is very sad and feeling down. It seems that he spent all of his extra funds paying duty on car parts he exported to Kuala Lumpur. Now he is stuck there, poor dear, and can not pay his hotel or return airfare. And he sooo wants to come and be with me for "the Xmas". He needs only $1539. He would ask his dear mother in Manchester, but she is not well. His Yahoo messenger name is "skyman02911" He will send you a link to his company's website and claims to have an office in Washington DC. He says he lives in Seattle though. At least that's what he says to women who live in Washington State. his email is I had a little fun with him tonight as he was leading up to asking me for money. I kept changing the subject. Finally when he gave me the dollar figure I said Let me get this straight. You have been sending me love letters that you found on a website (I found them too) and now you are asking me for money. How would you react to that in my situation?" He was so hurt that I would say such things to him! He never did that!! I sent him the the link to the website and told him that all of these other people must be stealing his letters then and passing them off as their own. He told me that he is sad and upset and doesn't need to be having unpleasant exchanges. I told him that I am so very sorry that he is sad and upset and to go to hell. His reply was "K" I hope he isn'y crying too hard into his pillow!

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