Friday, December 30, 2011

Leonice Colman - is Stupider Than I Thought

I heard from the lovely and fake Leonice Colman today, who is obviously so stupid "she" did not realize she wrote me yesterday. Today Leonice must have gotten plastic surgery because she sent a picture again and is a completely different woman. She again acts as if my profile is on a dating site, which it is not, and still thinks I am a male. (Which I am not). Here is Leonice's latest email, her new fake photo and my comments in purple:

I found you very attractive and would like to contact you (which you did yesterday and without x-ray vision I would like to know how you found me attractive as my picture is no where on the internet.)

for a possible relationship. please I'm not in the age

problem, I like you and if you give me how to send

me your e-mail address so I tell you more

about me. (Idiot you have my email address, that is how you sent this message to me moron)
Meanwhile is my e-mail (

1 comment:

  1. wow I do believe this scammer has reach a new level of ignorance - maybe you should notify her village that they are missing their idiot



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