Saturday, December 3, 2011

David Simon Nigerian Scam Artist

This is a letter sent to us by a reader who encountered this Nigerian scammer from an internet dating site. She wanted us to print her letter to warn others. Here is the email:
Well, I always thought that I was an intelligent person, a professional, a person with morals and values and could size a person and see what he or she is all about. WRONG. I became a victim of an elaborate scam. He the scammer goes by the name of David Simon, if that is his real name. Web site Says he lives in Woodenville, Washington State. widower of 6 years with a daughter who is now 6 years old. Architect/Engineer. Business man travels extensively. Right now leaving Spain to the UK for a project with a Mall in renovation, soon will be flying to New Jersey to meet up with me, because he has found the woman he wants to meet face to face and start a serious relationship and that I appear to be that woman he has been searching for. Only one thing. He lost his wallet and briefcase in a taxi. Now he is stranded in a hotel in London with his daughter and he really hates to ask me to send him $300.00 just to get by. Until he can sorts things out. Only thing is within that week his daughter falls down the stairs in the hotel. Now he panics and states " I need $1800.00 to pay for the blood transfusion and doctors and states" Please, Please help me to save the life of my daughter, I can't lose her she is all I have."Well, eventually I send the money. He sends me his plane flight pass showing that he is coming to the USA so his daughter can receive proper medical care. Well, he says he's short and needs $5,300.00 for the ticket because the ticket he had expired and was unable to get the airline company to accept his old ticket. So, I send him the money, Suddenly, he and this person he befriended Paul Hudson who has been helping him in London are in a car crash, He's in the hospital with a concussion for 4 days. He needs money for the hospital and rehabilitation and the bill is $ 5,300. Well, I did not send it. He than wanted more and more money for the hotel bill. I found out from my sister who recognized his e-mail address on the internet and told me he is looking for females on flirtbox. I called him on it and he said that someone at the hotel was a jealous man who said that he saw me on that site and he had to join to make sure that I wasn't on it, He said " I realized that you were not on the site and that I had to fight him, I almost broke a bottle over his head" So, we made up. He always appeared to be concerned for my well fair, and saying what any woman wants to hear. " This is God's hand on us, He brought us together and I am so grateful for the angel that I want to marry. The one I have been looking for all my life etc..." This story went on for one year.
Then, I started putting the pieces of the puzzle together and felt that some things weren't right. When I would call him on it. he always had an explanation that appeared to be valid. But than taken into the bigger picture they just didn't add up. He asked me in one of our conversations if I was on the site we met. I stated"NO,I have no business on it since I met you." Than I asked if he was on it and he became abrupt and asked " Why would I be on it.? I have no business being on it since I met you my angel baby.
This bothered me. I decided to go on the internet and see if I could find him on different web sites.
I did. He wrote the same e-mail to a Lisa in Sydney Australia and called her his Queen and that he is in the process of purchasing the air plane ticket so that he will be spending Christmas with her and propose to her.
Well, I called him on it and told him hurt I was to find this out and why did he do this to me, to the person he professed his love.
The answers were so disappointing. He said, " It didn't come from the heart, I just need the money to get home and you can help me convince her to send me the money so we can finally be together." Of course I said " I will be no part of your scam." It's over do not call me any more." He kept e-mailing me back with saying " You have to help me I don't want to keep selling drugs, it's getting to risky and if you don't help me I'm going to have to rob and you don't want that." I told him to go away, that he was sick and needed help. " He continued to buzz me saying " You are the one I love only you etc... He became arrogant when I continued to reject him. Saying " I need you to give me the two bank account numbers you opened up so I can wire the money I have in off shore places." I told him. Do not write me anymore, I am going to report you and I am going to see to it that you pay dearly for all your deceptions to me and I am sure there are other women out there just like me and Lisa that you have duped
The game is over, the well is dry and you have been unmasked.
This is my entire story. For all the women and men out there don't be duped like me. Not only did I lose financially because I will never get this money back, but emotionally it broke my heart and I don't think I could trust after this. This man meant everything to me. He violated me like I have never been. He spoke about getting married as he said " In the Cath, in front of the alter, in God's eyes." That he would take care of me, that I deserved to be cared for and loved, because I was such a beautiful woman, that he had been hurt in two other relationships before meeting his late wife. But that while he had a special place in his heart for his late wife, I have gone above and beyond her.
This guy is one sick person.
He goes under different names. He used the names of Paul Hudson, Tony Diggs, Helen Tomas, David Simon I believe that one of the people he on the internet is a Sgt. Major Harry Bennett. and another
So, this was not only a very costly relationship, but a heart breaker.
Be careful, don't send one red cent to any guy for any reason.
It;s a scam in the making.

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  1. Wow, sounds like a Sargent Philips Wells I met this weekend on After one day he began asking me to buy and send him things in a Care package. Said his wife died while delivering twins and both his mom and dad were passed on. I told him I was broke and going through a divorce but he kept on asking for stuff, that's when I realized he was just out for my money. Unfortunately his photographs were of an extremely handsome man. I wish I could find out who the man is so I could let him know his photos have been stolen and are being used by Military Scammers. Jeesh, one day on and I am done!



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