Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Scammer Alfred Garner is a busy boy

Within minutes of posting about Alfred Garner, we got this email from another reader who came in contact with this scammer. Thanks to them so much for sharing this information! And check out Alfies "other" photo he uses.......

Here is the email:

Alfred Garner hit me up for money yesterday and posed as someone interested in me. The IM conversation is pasted below.

Alfred Garner: sweetie can i ask a favor fof you?

Reader: Sure.

Alfred Garner: remember what i told you about work and my agents yesterday?

Reader: Yes

Alfred Garner: i want to leave Atl tomorrow or latest thursday and really need to get this over with so i don't come back but time isn;t really on my side. and if not handled i could lose the current project i am pursuing

Reader: ok....

Alfred Garner: i have called a few friends and everyone seems to be in a tight corner because of the time frame and i was wondering. is there anyway you could loan me some money for a few days? not later than next week please

Reader: are you seriously asking me this?

Alfred Garner: i am sorry and i hope i don;t get you upset but i will pay back, honestly

Reader: You obviously don't understand my financial situation so let me tell you. I am a single mother whose expenses are more than her income.

Reader: There is no way I would lend a complete stranger money

Reader: I don't have any money to lend

Reader: I'm also not going to pay for our 1st date

Alfred Garner: are you afraid that i may not pay you back?

Reader: I am stunned

Alfred Garner: and no i will take care of the date. you don't have to worry about that

Reader: No no no...this is bad

Alfred Garner: i just need to take care of this asap because it's business and my agent is not being flexible. please cal down

Alfred Garner: please

Reader: There is nothing left to talk about; I am not going out with you either

Alfred Garner: wow

Reader: I am stunned that you would ask me to lend you money

Alfred Garner: i didn't mean to send off the wrong signal. am sorry

Reader: stunned

Reader: I live paycheck to paycheck

Reader: Wrong signal?

Alfred Garner: yes i know you are upset and i don't want to appear like a needy person because i am not

Reader: I am speechless

Reader: You obviously are needy

Alfred Garner: i only need to borrow for a few days and you will have it back but i understand if you don't trust me enough

Reader: I don't trust you at all

Alfred Garner: ok

Alfred Garner: it's alright

Reader: Cancelled the reservation for Friday

Alfred Garner: why?

Reader: Do you think I would trust you in the least bit?

Alfred Garner: you don't have to. i think you need to calm down

Reader: you just raised the biggest red flag

This is EXACTLY how you should handle a money request from someone you have not yet met. Kudos and Bravo to our reader, a very smart lady!!


  1. Careful ladies! He is on and just asked me to chat with me on messenger. I had a feeling something was off about this guy and googled his name and this is the page that pops up. I've reported him to

  2. glad I googled this guy. He just sent me an email this morning. I thought it was suspicous that his profile closed on Match the same day he contacted me. I sent this article back to him as my response.

  3. he is still on match with email and his name is alfred steinberg. obviously match does not care for the safety of women...

  4. Oh, I am hip to his chat right now....he is about to leave for GA right now. We are supposed to meet next week....I am waiting for the money request. Then I am going to send him this page!!!!

  5. Update on my post from June 16,2012. He says that he is living in Burlingame, CA. I showed him the picture from this very website and called him on his game. He tried to say that his ID has been stolen and that he has called the police, so innocent right? Anyway, he eventually did ask for money from me and I sent him packing several weeks ago. Story closed. He never fooled me. I hope that he doesn't fool anybody else.

  6. He is still working !!! I just got an email from him a few weeks ago. he keeps on coming back I believe he is from Nigeria



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